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It's official.
I'll be quitting my job soon.

Gonna have to apply in some places before I split this time.
It will probably not get bad for me if I stay.
I will probably be looked upon rather favorably.
I will probably get promoted and be pretty damned liked by management.

But they can suck my COCK.

I'm very very very angry.

They fired Mike today.
He has NEVER had a write up for being short in his til.
He's IMPECCABLY kind to customers.
He hasn't had a write up PERIOD since I've been back.
He comes in early, he stays late, he's got the dedication that I had once upon a time before they fucking killed my desire to help them out.

I do an incredible fucking job for them every day.
I work my ass off, I know what I'm doing. I'm competent, secure, in control...
I know my shit.

But I'm going to fucking quit
because, even though I probably have a lot of security here, I cannot respect this decision they have made. I WILL NOT continue to put forth effort for these lying, cocksucking, backward, ass kissing, insipid mother fucking middle management stooges.

I'm angry

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