A Non-Newtonian Fluid (maddening) wrote,
A Non-Newtonian Fluid

I woke up at 4 am.
inexplicably awake.
horribly horribly awake.
I rolled over, grabbed the pillows under my head and dug the side of my face into them like I was in a confused pie eating contest, hooked a leg over one of the pillows tucked into bed with me and dragged it close... made myself small in the sheets and the warmth.. just attacked the bed with how much I did not want to be awake.

And then at 6 when I was actually supposed to be awake.. I woke up 2 minutes before the alarm, got out of bed, and was mostly dressed when the alarm went off. I don't know why the urgency... but there it was. But it gave me time for two cups of coffee.
And I've read all sorts of things... can't quite reply to them right now... because the body is fully awake.. the brain.. the brain is a lil iffy there.
I don't want to be up this early.
But I like the fact that I get off work at 4.
But debbie the cunt will probably call in.
So I'll be alone until one.
On a fucking pay week sunday.

She better be there or I will flip the fuck out.
They won't have to fire me (did I mention my service desk til came up $100 short from the day before? yep. can't find it. only one other person touched the drawer all day, and that was to sign it off and set it on the back counter where I scooped it up shortly thereafter. If they don't find it in their final balance of all the bags from that day.... I would not be suprised at all if I were fired. I've never in 2 years been more than $2.00 over or under in a WEEK, let alone a day.) because I will walk out.
I'm just tired. very very Tired.

I wonder if I can swing quitting, going to seattle, coming back, starting some school and finding a new part time job like... all in about 3 weeks....
I dunno.

be kind to cashiers.
If you plop something heavy up on the conveyor belt, don't just stand there and make them pick it up and haul it into your cart. Chances are that they've already lifted 30 of those today, more if they're on sale.

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