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My letter of resignation

I still don't know if I'm going to actually give this to HR and Denise or if I'll just give them a simple note and leave this at service... I dunno...
I think I'll give a copy to Denise, a Copy in the count room. I promised Anthony I would leave it out for everyone to see. He was almost giddy.
He's quitting too.
We're gonna fuck um up.
October 2, 2001

To Whom It May Concern:

Today (October 2, 2001) will be my last day working here. I am not giving two weeks notice. I know that this will make me ineligible for rehire. When I returned to this store I was told repeatedly by Patricia that "retail doesn't change," and that was a warning I should have heeded. But she was wrong. It isn't that retail doesn't change; It's that this store doesn't change. I was given the job of the front-end asst. manager, but not the title, and not the pay. I am still to this day considered a part time associate, but I have been working 40 hours a week since I came back. My official title is front end supervisor, no different from any other supervisor, but I am expected to do more, more often, and with a higher degree of efficiency, simply because I was here before.
I could have petitioned for the pay I deserve for doing a manager's job. I could have insisted on a change in my part time status. I could have demanded part time hours, or a department change. But it just isn't worth it. Management has fallen into its same old patterns of the front end being someone else's problem. I am tired of the self important area managers (certainly not all of them) who wander to the front end and rip to shreds the supervisors for trying to do an impossible job in impossible circumstances, and still managing to smile through it. I am tired of any manager in this store who takes it upon themselves to not only reprimand but demean any associate in this store. No manager should reduce an employee to tears. And I've seen several of them do just that on numerous occasions.
Being told that I am not allowed to give cashiers breaks because we're just too busy is an inanity that doesn't deserve consideration. Being told that we must remain at the checkout stand at all times unless a manager is present (despite our repeated, unanswered calls for managers at the front end) is simply ludicrous.
When the management fault finds on us constantly, it's not really a surprise when they find things to complain about. We have backed up lines and things don't get done because we do not have the work force required for the job. It's just that simple. I realize that the store has to follow corporate policy. I realize that we are simply following the decrees of distant corporate drones that don't work in the store. I understand that this is all just policy. I don't personally blame the store personnel for the majority of what is wrong with the store. But neither can they be patted on the back for just rolling over and taking it and then blaming their floor associates, cashiers, and stockers for their own shortcomings.
What cinched my decision was the firing of Mike. He should have been written up. He should have been given a last warning. He should have been treated like a very valued and trusted and able employee. An asset. Instead, he was fired on the word of some higher manager who doesn't work in this store, doesn't know the employees, and didn't know what sort of person he was blithely getting rid of.
If this store is going to run roughshod over its employees like this, It's not a store I want to be employed at any longer.
I'm sorry that this will put the people I work with directly in a bad situation.
I am not sorry that this will inconvenience the store in general.

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