A Non-Newtonian Fluid (maddening) wrote,
A Non-Newtonian Fluid

freaky but/and/or cute.

DangerousPi: :-)
DangerousPi: :-(
ZeeVert: oh stop it
DangerousPi: !:-)
DangerousPi: Wasabi!
DangerousPi: "I don't want pregnant women or a person who is not clean to come and say goodbye to me because I don't approve of it." -- From the will of one of the pilots of the planes
DangerousPi: Let's get you knocked up and out to the mortuary.
DangerousPi: Let's break in to a mental institution and kidnap a bunch of crazy people...........then go to his grave, put something shiney on the headstone, and let them loose.
DangerousPi: Something about you not talking to me says "Rhett, I'm not going to be talking to you right now."
DangerousPi: I can't figure out just what it is, though.
DangerousPi: If you play the new Slipknot album backwards in it's entirety at 1/3 the speed, you get the soundtrack to "The Sound of Music".
DangerousPi: :::nod:::
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