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as I was told is kinda like

So that's what I did last night. Had a vicodin sleep, rode the high waves of nordic waters and ... and it was good, man.
I slept for 10 hours.
I haven't slept for ten hours since my last crazy ass binger, or that time I had the flu when I lost track of time for days at a time. Mr. Asshole completely failed to show an interest and get ahold of me today. But it's only 4:30, so maybe that will change.
I'm going to plant gerbera daisies and maybe some phlox in some planter boxes on the patio. I wish the queen annes lace would bloom. I think it's just heartbreaking that the only place I see it anymore is in the scrub brush along the sides of highways where the big teeth of asphalt have cut into and through all the frolicking, naturally occuring grasses and weeds.
Have you been on the roadways that try to make up for this by planting small trees in the median?

one of those trees here became a memorial tree. People who had grief to expell or hopes to foster put memorials or symbols on the tree. Right there in the median of a major highway past the hampton coliseum on 64 east, approaching newport news and christopher newport university.

It's been there for years. I remember when it was first noticed for what it was... a public grieving post. A real and honest expression of emotion in the middle of all this cold commerce. No one bothered to stop them until this year. This year all of a sudden the virginia department of transportation decided that it was a hazard to have people pulling over in the middle of the night to decorate the thing. So they cut it down.

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