A Non-Newtonian Fluid (maddening) wrote,
A Non-Newtonian Fluid

Buttmint: Will you promise me something?
ZeeVert: okay, I promise you that I will never bomb afghanistan
Buttmint: No............................I know you won't do that, because I confiscated all your bombs...........
Buttmint: .......................don't crash in to any towers on your way to Seattle?
ZeeVert: all my bombs are belong to you?
ZeeVert: heh.. I'll try not to
Buttmint: I mean, seriously.
Buttmint: That would just suck.
Buttmint: Especially if it preempted the Simpsons.
ZeeVert: it's not in my plans and not listed in the itinerary.... no lay over on the way out and one in dallas on the way back... nothing in there at all about firey balls of metal that used to be part of a plane exploding and embedding in a building
ZeeVert: I think they'd mention that
Buttmint: Well, no....................if it was mentioned, people might want a discount.
ZeeVert: bah.. these disingenuous airlines....
ZeeVert: just trying to make a buck
Buttmint: Well, if you see the plane start to make a b-line for a tower, tap the pilot on the shoulder and point out that it's not on the itieniary to be smashed and burnt.
Buttmint: (typos galore)
ZeeVert: I'll do just that
Buttmint: Please.
Buttmint: :::nod::::
Buttmint: If you don't, I'll go back in time, find your location on the plane at the impact, map the trajectory of your ass as it is crushed and burnt in the fiery remains of the airplane, come back to my time, locate your ass by my calculations, and kick it.
Buttmint: ::::nod:::::
ZeeVert: you'll kick my burnt and crushed ass for not alerting the pilot of an unplanned crash into a tower?
Buttmint: ::::nod:::: It would be your fault. It's not like there's anything entertaining on a plane.
ZeeVert: I may have to double check on it, but I think that's the sweetest psychopathic comment I've had all week.

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