A Non-Newtonian Fluid (maddening) wrote,
A Non-Newtonian Fluid

lots of pictures for the non readers amoungst us

So this will be a long ass loading update that I'm going to cut for y'all

Alright... so we went to the mountains.
Mount Ranier after breakfast with Cody and the meeting of the Asshole Father.
He wasn't bad, actually... but about 2 minutes after meeting him he let one rip and I had to stop from laughing and pointing. Just took me way off guard.
Then we drove up the mountain and found this incredible side just before you get into the park proper.

and someone got pissed at a sign

But there was some pretty incredible looking scenery.

We stopped so I could get some warm beverage

and a big pink cookie

then we both had to pee
If you ever see this sign on a bathroom

DO NOT... I repeat... DO NOT ENTER IT.
Go find a nice bush for you tushie.... but DO NOT GO INTO THIS BATHROOM.

It's two stalls with a plastic extended 'toilet' type thing jutting out of a concrete floor. You can look into it and straight into the septic pit. sewer gases just billowing on out. It's got no lights, but those walls like a por o potty.

Really should have taken a picture, but I couldn't fathom going back in.
But when you have to pee, dammit...

and this... this is the most JACKED UP thing I have ever seen.
Walking along the road to the nature path and I saw something, pushed Chad's foot out of the way and proceeded to just say "HOLY SHIT" about 30 times.
And then I collected myself and took a photo.

this image is a little small so you can't see the detail.. that'll have to be fixed at one point. Just gaddamned incredible. if you can't see what I mean... those lil furry things are feet... those white things are legs and the red thing in the middle is the rabbit's spine. Something stripped this thing to the bone. Never have I seen anything like this before.

and then some deer let me get really really close...
no more than 4 feet away. Very interesting.

And the leaves are incredible.

and then we went to pikes.

and the space needle too.

lack of motivation.... too much green stuff last night.
Dammit I suck.

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