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A survey

The physical features for which you are most often complimented: eyes, lips, hands, neck, breasts.

places where you have always wanted to make love: Amsterdam

A wonderful place where you have made love: See, I just don't think this way. I'm a ... it's who you're with, not where you're at kind of person.

A strange place where you have made love: bathroom, 0n the toilet

A special place on your body that, when kissed, feels unbelievably good: that conjunctin of neck and shoulder, toward the back, with chin whiskers or teeth.

An unfulfilled sexual fantasy: being naughty at a woman while a man is naughty at me

A fragrance that reminds you of someone you have been intimate with: there are two. Obsession for men is all Jason and Cool Water is all Chad.

A fulfilled sexual fantasy: a spoken out and repeated scenario that came true.

The most perverted situation you have ever been in: having sex with an ex when his roomate walked in (they were sharing the room) and refused to leave. So we continued and he layed about 2 feet away and watched impassively, blank faced until we finished and then we all went to bed.

The approx. number of sexual partners you have been with: 7 men, 1 woman

The first time you ever achieved orgasm: wow... very early.. not sure really.

Person you regret sleeping with: both Zeb and the Chad #1. Zeb wasn't good enough for it and Chad was a total joke.

A person you regret not sleeping with: James Stryganeck. My first kiss and almost first time. But just the way he said "You want to go upstairs... to the BED?" was creepy as all fuck and I bailed on it.

You feel most attractive when: someone's hands are touching those places they find most attractive.

A fantastic kisser you have known: Chad (seattle Chad)

An uninhibited lover you have been with: Mister Questions

The worst lover you have ever experienced: That, again, would be Chad #1. He actually said "I beat you" and I was actually totally justified in wondering 'if it was in' **this is not Seattle Chad**

The book, song or movie title that best describes your sexuality: The Art of War? This is a really cheesy fucking question. no pun.

Profession: wage slave

Height: 5'6"

Distinguishing marks: various scars on my knees, scar of a chaos star on my right leg, triangle of lil moles on left upper arm, mole on torso 3 or 4 inches below my right breast.. uh .... other stuff? Dunno what applies really

Allergies: none

Lucky number: don't have one

A smell that makes you pause: coffee

A taste that makes you melt: a really good nectarine

A hobby that occupies your time: pseudo geek

A city you'd like to visit: new orleans

A country you'd like to explore: ireland

Your favorite meal: "no knife pasta" torn tomatoes, basil and fresh cooked rotini with plenty of parmesan and smashed garlic.

A drink you order most often: iced tea or coffee

A delicious desert: a well made blondie

A book you highly recommend: The Little Prince

The music you prefer while alone: older hardcore and SOAD.

While at a party: faster, slicker music but hard edged.

Your favorite band: I don't have favorite anythings

Films you could watch over and over: Dangerous Liasons, Fight Club, A Time to Kill... I know there are more

A TV show you watch regularly: when I remember to, Invader Zim... but that doesn't happen too often

A monument you would like to have a view of from your room: most modern monuments leave me cold and the ones that don't make me cry.... Maybe some sort of mossy cairn would be nice

Your favorite time of the day: about 2 am

Your favorite place to sit at home: here or in the corner of my couch

You live in: a townhouse with the rents.

Your transportation: I'm a walker

You approx. annual income: at the moment, zero

Your cologne or perfume: occasionally I wear some jasmine oil or some citrus oil

Under your bed or in your closet you hide: the books that won't fit on the floor in the room, the bathroom, the stairs, the bookcase...

Something important on your night table: my glasses.

When you sleep, you wear: a t shirt

If you had a safe, in it you would keep: tax papers, anything not quite legal I have, maybe all those things I really don't want to lose.

Things you like to buy: books, music, anything for someone else.

If you could afford it at this moment, you would buy: a house up on that one hill in seattle that looks dead at the space needle.

You collect: Stuff. lots of stuff. And occasionally, dust.

You don't have a lot of: money, marketable skills, patience with things that are only there to fuck with me

Your strangest possession: either the hunk of sand cum glass that occured when my father hit powerlines with a crane and the area under it melted into glass or the embalmed frog that's posed standing on its hind legs.

Your most expensive possession: probably this computer, but since I didn't pay for it, it's probably the digital camera.

Your most prized possession: at this very moment, the stuffed baboon with the velcro hands that Chad gave me.

If your house was burning and you could only save three things, they would be: my cat, my address book, my bookbag.

Your morals: are moral according to me and only me. Just as it should be.

People should not marry before this age: about 24 or so....

People should not have children before this age: about 24 or so....

The appropriate age for having sex: between about 14 or so (depending on the person ) to about 95 or so (depending on the person)
This is another silly damned question.

The first time you had sex, you were this age: 17

When you are late for an appointment and it's your fault, do you tell the truth or tell a white lie: I instinctively use subterfuge. If they never get around to asking, you never have to lie.

Your most recent lie: I said I was doing fine.

One person you might kill if the law would protect you: Bob Semmel. Former uncle.

One thing in this world you are addicted to: nicotine

A drug or alcoholic beverage you take on a regular basis: caffeine, nicotine, thc

If there were no side effects, you would enjoy being addicted to: since addiction *is* sort of a side effect, this falls into silly question category, but I'd still say mdma

Drugs you have tried in the past: caffeine, nicotine, alcohol, robitussin (heh), weed, acid, E, meth, adderol, vicodin, flexeral, ultram, and various "here take one of these" pills that made me feel nice but I never knew the names of.

A drug you will never try again: uhm... I just don't take the ones I know I'll hate. No needles, nothing snorted.

You believe hitting a child is an appropriate form of discipline: depends on your definition of 'hitting'. A spanking on the butt is a hell of a lot different than a punch across the face.

As an adult you have hit a woman? Yes.

As an adult you have hit a man? Yes.

You have been arrested? Yes.

You have read someone's diary or gone through their personal possessions without asking? Yes. Just a dresser drawer or two and always someone I was dating and trusted anyway. And then I always told them about it afterward.

What would your reaction be if your spouse or partner cheated on you: They wouldn't see much of a reaction at all, aside from the sudden lack of me in their life. No discussion, no making up.

Have you purposely hurt someone emotionally: yes

Have you apologized? no. If someone pisses me off to that point, it's well beyond apologies.

Have you accidentally hurt someone emotionally: yes

Have you apologized? profusely

Do you owe someone money but have stalled paying it back: I've never borrowed money

If yes, how much is the amount?

Your religion and views of the world: I hope this wasn't meant as a question.

Do you believe in God? not in that capitalized way.

Describe God: well God is this heavenly being who knows what's good and bad and right and wrong and is supposedly the end all be all of love but says things like "I am a jealous god" and that you should fear its wrath but that above all you should believe in God and trust in God and love God and fear God becuase he loves you.
god is a tad bit trickier to describe.

What religion were you raised with: none

Do you still practice this religion: heh, more or less.

Your most spiritual moment: in a circle of over 100 people cast at a gathering for Samhain around an old oak with offerings. The static electric buzz of 100+ linking hands and speaking in unison can make you believe in just about anything.

Death is: something only of interest to the living

How you picture the end of the world: nothing ends, it just changes.

Do you feel that most wars started because of religious conflicts: no. Most wars are started over pure and simple greed.

Does life exist on other planets? we don't even know what is and isn't really alive *here*, so I'm sure there's life of some sort out there.

Have they made contact with us: why the hell would they? We're a rudimentary planet in a farflung galaxy with violent inhabitants. It would be like asking why more people don't visit nicaragua.

Do you believe we come from Adam and Eve: nope

Do you believe in astrology: not out and out, but I don't disbelieve it either

Do you read your horoscope: freewill astrology

Have you ever been treated by a psychotherapist: nope

If reincarnation does exist, you'd like to come back as: a deep sea creature

Your opinions

The right to have an abortion: property rights. ::nods::

The right to own guns: yep. I agree with that one too.

The welfare system: yep. a well planned welfare system is a good idea

The death penalty: Not so sure about it. In most instances, I don't agree with its use. It's a retribution machine and I don't truck with retribution.

Rights and services for illegal immigrants: who the hell would pick all that fruit if the illegal immigrants weren't lined up every morning to do it? They contribute more than they take.

Legalization of drugs: Fully agree. They would be so much cleaner, safer, a good source of revenue. And I fully believe that the role of government is NOT to protect the people from themselves and that's all drug laws do.

Equal rights for homosexuals: They're american citizens right? So where's the question?

The practice of premarital sex: The only people who think of this as a controversial practice anymore are exceedingly old or devistatingly religious.

The worst crime against humanity: genocide

The minimum punishment for those who molest children: case by case. Depends on the circumstances. For some people, counselling, sequestering and follow up counselling would be sufficient. Some people can be changed. For thost that can't, well, I guess they just can't be allowed near people, hmm? It's more about power than sex, just in the case of rape. So it's a mindset that leads to a compulsion and mindsets can be changed.

The minimum punishment for those who rape: again, case by case. For all the different types of rapists there are just as many appropriate punishments. Counselling, sequestering... again, becuase it's a violent crime and not really a 'sexual' crime, I don't know if there should be different laws for it than other assaults.

Your opinion of the military: They have guns and bombs and they aren't afraid to use them. It isn't the common grunt you have to worry about. It's the calm and calculating ones in the mission rooms that need to be watched. War from a distance has made them all potential monsters.

Your opinion of the draft: it's inane to force people to fight

The environmental issue that concerns you most: nuclear waste disposal

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