A Non-Newtonian Fluid (maddening) wrote,
A Non-Newtonian Fluid

AzmatiQ: Woo?

Auto response from ZeeVert: oh just shoosh

AzmatiQ: Well, you're away... I'm gonna go smoke.
AzmatiQ signed off at 10:14:21 PM.
AzmatiQ signed on at 10:55:58 PM.
AzmatiQ: Still away?

Auto response from ZeeVert: oh just shoosh

AzmatiQ: Well... AIM is fighting me, and I can't stay dialed in on top of that... so I may vanish. You can always page me if you wish...
AzmatiQ: Well, it said you were back... guess it was wrong. I'm not doin' good. Too much time just thinkin'. I'll be back on later. Not sure if the machines will cooperate or not.

Auto response from ZeeVert: oh just shoosh

AzmatiQ: In case I don't catch ya'. Good night, hun.
AzmatiQ signed off at 11:11:46 PM.


This is what I get for trusting the fucking software to fucking work.
I had an alert on... BUT DID IT WORK?
And everytime I checked, he wasn't there.

::deep breath:::

you ever notice that when you're already not doing okay that, even though you know that you're just overreacting to stuff, you still cannot help but think that the world is just gaddamned shitting on you?

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