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three thirty in the afternoon, the day before easter and I've been assigned the task of making chocolate eggs. I usually do this for easter. For the past several years, anyway. But it's so messy and time consuming.
Not that I have a lot to do otherwise, it's just the principle of the thing.
Apparently I agreed to this weeks ago... but I really, honestly don't remember it.
Ah well.
I'll take some to Robert tomorrow. I don't think he realizes that it's a silly little holiday. Maybe I'll take him some jelly beans too. We're doing a whole tour of where me and Tom used to live and places we used to go. I'm going to see my old apartment. Sort of like going to a cemetary, really. It's just a place for the dead. No one has rented it since we left it.
Maybe I could move back in. The rent was only $250 a month... Of course.. there was no AC and no heat, But I could deal with that again for the sake of wood floors and brass doorknobs and that wonderful enamel, footed bathtub with the lil stopper on the chain that always reminded me of grandma's house in Pennsylvania.

We'll see.
The eggs... they call to me...


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