April 19th, 2001



don't ever ask people to buy you stuff..
they'll actually OFFER TO DO IT.

well, sometimes.
If I need the "you make jesus vomit" merchandise, I'll scrape up the money myself.
I've only even done the barter thing for crack though... how much do I charge for handjobs in my van down by the river?



Procurement Supervisor.
Laundry Aide.
Tear Sheet Operator.

What the hell *are* these things?

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(no subject)

Rhettt: Wanna go to Vegas and get married?
ME: uh. only if we can do it in an elvis setting
Rhettt: Do they do it any other way there?
ME: Some of them are inexplicably cowboy themed.
Rhett: Really? Oh.
Rhett: Of course we can do it in the Elvis setting.
ME: and we have to play "blue velvet"
ME: and you have to suck on a lil tank of nitrous
Rhett: Not Anthrax's version of "Bring the noise"?
Rhettt: Why nitrous?
ME: the movie
Rhett: Oh.
Rhett: heh
Rhett: I thought you meant the song.
ME: heh, well, yeah the song.. but you have to do a hopper impersonation the whole time
Rhett: Instead of all these stipulations you could just say "no".
ME: hehe
ME: that would be so EASY though
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So, my head still hurts but I'm getting used to that. I need to call my sister and see if she can hook me up with a job. because, well.. they keep hiring dorks who can't be bothered to show and i'm one of those dependable people.
well, I am when it comes to workplace stuff anyway.
don't look at me like that.
I read too much and I start feeling like a book.
your commentary is weak, the plot bland and really, I think you're just being silly now.
I need someone to drag me out and give me good green and put leaves in my hair and act like a 10 year old for awhile.
WONT be getting that, but by golly, by george that would be nice.
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(no subject)

I need a random person to call.
right now.
I will check back in half an hour.
I will check my mailbox for a phone number and a name.
If there isn't some new person there that I've never talked to on the phone then, well, screw ya.

yes, I am actually serious.



I'm officially annoyed at all of you.
I waited an hour. Or there abouts. Are you *all* gainfully employed, happily married, happily entangled, happily happy and sleepy?
Doesn't anyone stay up late anymore?
Aren't there any insomniacs out there who want to hear my 'moist' story?
Yes, I know... most people who are computer oriented are not also phone oriented. But I've made believers out of the most die-hard haters, man.

new blood.
just a few sips.
that's all I'm askin.