April 24th, 2001


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I've been in love with brak since my friend Sam insisted I watch Cartoon Planet.
This is the same Sam who got me into drumnbass and sifyl and ollie and said it was alright that I liked hardcore.
So, ya know, I HAD to listen to him. And he was right about me loving it.

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Iiiiiii Got a phone number from all my questing for a new voice on my phone.
Didn't actually expect it either.
Gonna call him in a few.
This should be interesting.
He's on my coast! Wahooo!
And he knows what UHF is. And has never read burroughs so he isn't all fucked up already. Oh. And he isn't 40. So he might be pretty interesting to talk to, ya know.
I lurv this whole internet thing sometimes. The furthest friend I've made lives in australia and the closest lived 4 houses down.
It's not a small world at all. People just have this remarkable networking ability.
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The Joe kicks ass, donchaknow.
Now, just need to get his adress and some swat team gear and the full on stalking can commence.

Just kidding, Joe.

My mornin

My mornin has been ALLLL Wu Tang and Method Man.

Bring the mutha fuckin ruckus...
That's about all I can say at this point... Oh and uh.. That means bitch, ya been shitted on, I'm not the first dog to shit on your lawn....

Such a white girl.

okay dammit

Attempting to be a smart ass in another person's LJ I accidentally infected my head with the song that had infected his head.
So now it's stuck, and I dunno how to get rid of it and it's ALLHIS FAULT.
oh... oh shelia.. let me love ya til the morning comes...
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