May 12th, 2001


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Found another one.
Good ol Pat.
I don't know why I haven't bombed CBN and Regent University yet.
I mean, I lived right around the corner from it for a long long time. Before it was Regent University. When it was just CBN broadcasting and the only thing they actually showed was the 700 club and Big Brother Jake.
It would have been perfect.
opportunities lost.

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My play date with Dan got cancelled.
It's a play date becuase we act like 10 year olds around each other.
But he really needed to just lay around and sleep for a change. It will be good for him. I'm thinking of calling frank and seeing if he can hook me up with a connection or just with some extra of what I *know* he has. If he has any money at all, he's got green.
He currently owes me close to $300. The least he can do is break me off a bud.
Or just come over here and smoke me out. I just want some, really.
I need a lil break from brain activity.

Manburger can bathe himself just fine. But he keeps trying to come up with reasons why I should do it. He got a lil too used to me being around washing his naughty bits.
It's time for him to get unused to it.

Ever just wanna say "BOOYA!" for no particular reason?
Oh yeah.. me too.. you know it.. mmhmmm..

Maybe I need more coffee.
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I made the mistake of mentioning seattle in front of my father.
His assessment is that it doesn't rain all the time, but when it does they are huge violent storms. He used to hang out on Pike street every weekend. He was there for five months.

I remember his little bits of wisdom from when I was a kid. I've heard most of them over and over and over and over.
This is a new one on me. Even pulled out some woman's name and what kind of car she drove.

Did I mention that my father is very close to senile?
Not just jokingly either. I mean he's pretty damned close to being just a total veg when it comes to brain use.
Unless it involves work. He can tell you how many gallons of jp5 were spilled inside hangar 5 last year and who was sent to clean it and how many hours got charged off to what job order number.
But ask him to repeat what you and him talked about for a full hour this morning and he'll never guess it in a million years.

serves him right really.
Now I can point and laugh and he'll never even realize.

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It's getting dark out... the wind is kicking up.
It's going to storm its ass off. I can tell. I can smell it.

hasn't been a good storm here in quite awhile... has some strange effects on me.
haven't had a cigarette still.
DAMMIT I want one.
or ten.
someone to molest would be excellent too.
my favorite part of a man... that little flat spot in the pelvic area... the front... just to the side of the rude bits.. not thigh... but not belly. always very tender and sensitive.
I love that spot.
mmmm and here comes the rain...
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