May 16th, 2001


"I hate it when you plead your case...

Makes me want to stick my dick in your face"

Gotta love old Filter.

I've got these little people in my mind battling it out for overlordship of the brain.
I'm not sure if there will be a winner.
It's starting to feel like Palenstine in there.
Just another holy war.
I wonder if there is such a thing as mental health.
My maladies are probably devistatingly defineable.
But wouldn't it be nice to have a brand new disease?
They might even name it after you.
You'll be in all the mental health annals.
And if others become afflicted as well, there would be support groups and tv movies and celebrity fund raisers and maybe even a telethon with variety acts and Jack Hannah and a baton twirler or two.
That would be festive fun for all.
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handy dandy tips

WHen you first wake up and your eyes are really dry and burning, you should think of something that you know will make you cry. If you can make yourself do this on cue, it's even better. And yes, this works for guys, don't tell me you don't freakin cry.
And then, when the tears start... you stop encouraging them.
Turn them off.
You get just enough moisture to make your eyes feel better until you can get to the coffee and go searching for visiine.

Just make sure you can stop the crying. Because otherwise you start of your morning bawling. And while that might be horribly cathartic, it's probably going to leave your eyes even more irritated. COUNTERPRODUCTIVE.
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Your Inner Rock Star

Holly, your inner rock star is Bjork

Wow, your inner rock star is Bjork. You've charmed the world with your beautiful, zany, personal style. To say you're a member of the alternative set would be a gross understatement. You and Bjork define alternative in its purest form. You've got nothing to prove, it's your remarkably creative point of view that lets you make art from anything�art, music, politics�whatever makes you passionate. It's just who you are. You've got the courage to experiment with your style and career, and all the while remaining positively sweet and humble. You are as much a free spirit as they come. Celebrate your inner Bjork.

I stole this from Lenore

::blink blink:::

Someone on a mailing list just called me a narrow-minded prick..
I ..

And to think... this was because I was trying to *avoid* conflict. Heh.
That's what I get for taking people's advice, ya know.