May 28th, 2001


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Me: I mean .. you say she won't talk to you .. how do you know until you exhaust your options..
and most people wouldn't think to write a letter.. it'll suprise her
Jared: Thats true.
Jared: Should I send a picture of my penis with the letter?
Me: hmm.. maybe if she responds...
Jared: Ok.
Me: but for god's sake... don't DRAW anything on the penis
Me: and no funny little hats
Jared: Really? Dang.
Me: yeah, you're going for sincere...
nothing is less sincere than a penis in a disguise.


And we won't be breathing in that same sun again.
None of this will ever surface again.
How we get older, how we forget about each other.
And the angel falls to the sky.
Raised and coiled she blessed this day she did.
And it rings our ears.
She rarely flies anymore, burden broke her wings.
And I know this ghost, I have seen it before.
Young it is the dying too fast, too soon, I'll be okay.
The air thins in the quick and our lips move but we hear no sound.
Every time you justify, another good in you dies.
Faith and fear sears me, and love and you pull all the right strings.
"How we get older, how we forget about each other," she said.
Entwined within the sadder of days.

"The Saddest Day", Converge from Petitioning the Empty Sky.

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That ex files is on where there's a virtual game world in which there is .... someone.. something... killing people.. and yeah ...

I've played too many games to watch this kind of thing.
I've felt way too immersed in my paltry little 3 d environs to actually ... take the detached sort of pleasure in this that is required.

It gives me the willies man.

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I needed calming.
I found it.
praying at the alter of Tom Waits.
and the holy spirit moves in me
and I would even give thought to that whole snake thing
If it weren't so unecessary
yeah ..
another cup of coffee for me
and a repeat of "Frank's Wild Years"
then I'll find someone to hug me for half an hour.

"take off your skin, and dance around in your bones"

There's something nibbling on my brain.
little fish nibbles.
not suitable to actual biting
but certainly sufficient and persistent.
fish can do that thing with their mouths pretty much non stop.
hmm.. maybe I stole that from bukowski...
... nibbling fish head thoughts... I think that's the line..
great... so now I'm a theif...
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"You're innocent when you dream"

I'd like to think that.
That would be very nice.
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never look a fish horse in the mouth.

but more importantly never let on that you have a fish horse around to look into the mouth of.

Them fish horses are in high demand and you'll never see it again, chickadee.
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TV whores.

television is not smack.
it is unecessary.
it is usually vile.
it is mind numbing.
it is not your baby sitter.
it is not entertainment.
it is not informative.
it is double speak and advertising
it is a numbing agent
it is just like that scene in A Clockwork Orange.... except the tv whores don't need to be tied down and forced. They're into the submission. They're into being made dead from the neck up.
So, drink some beers, have some pork rinds, plop your ass in front of the tv.
Go on.
People who flip out when they miss a show or can't get to a tv....
people who actually get ANGRY when you keep them away from the tube for too long.
People who run in the house and turn on the tv, first thing, and sigh like the first cig after 2 days of shaking abstinence.
People who wake up in the morning, and turn on the tv and have to have it on. In the room, out of the room.. not even in the damned house... there's the tv.

I don't know when I developed this complete LACK of dependency.
But I'm *glad* I don't know what's going on on allie mcbeal. I'm glad I've got no idea about... well... anything... on the sopranos. And I am sooooo immesurably greatful that I never ever have wanted to watch buffy the vampire slayer.

I don't think enough mockery and derision is heaped upon the tv whores.
They should be just as reviled as trekkies or hard core gamers.
Can you spew your THACO off the top of your head?
Can you name more than 5 gaming systems?
Can you tell me the episode numbers/titles to more than 10 episodes of star trek?
Have you ever gotten the autograph of a member of the starship enterprise?
Did you frame it?
Do you know what's coming on tv tonight?
Are you going to work your social life around that schedule?
Will you be pissed off if anyone makes you miss a show?
Would several hours WITHOUT a tv in your home make you want to kill?


kind of opinionated today.
(not really)

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Thank you sooooo much,KMO for the quotes.
There are a couple here I have to pull out...

There are 100,000 total marijuana smokers in the US, and most
are Negroes, Hispanics, Filipinos and entertainers. Their Satanic
music, jazz and swing, result from marijuana usage. This marijuana
causes white women to seek sexual relations with Negroes, entertainers
and any others.

-Harry J. Anslinger, Commissioner, The Federal Bureau of Narcotics,
testimony to Congress, 1937

Can't argue with something so *obviously* true, can we?

and another...

Television - a medium. So called because it is neither rare nor well-done.

-Ernie Kovacs

Visions of the Nairobi trio dancing around in my head now.
Slow motion, slapstick, jazz playing apes.
There's a book you know, "Quitting the Nairobi Trio" by Jim Knipfel about his institution and recovery and release. Quick read, excellent book.
But just the mention of Kovacs and the Nairobi Trio brings to mind Percy Dovetonsils too... with his slicked down hair, Erol Flynn mustache, coke bottle glasses...
That smoking jacket... the lisp.

I'm only 23 years old.
Why the hell do I know these things? And it seems like I've just always known them.
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The city of norfolk is close to bankruptcy.
They're ending the bussing of middle school students that they've had in place for 30 years.
Because of the neighborhood structure in norfolk, bussing is the only thing keeping a mix of students going on in the more affluent neighborhoods.
Of course the NAACP is protesting.

They say that the city is ENFORCING segregation by not bussing.
The problem is not that the city wants to stop this mix of students.
The problem is that the city cannot AFFORD it anymore.
And laying the blame for segregation on the city is ludicrous. They don't assign you places to live. They are not responsible for the de facto segregation of the city. It happens in every city in every state in the united states and all over the world.
It actually wouldn't be a problem if the state government weren't being run by someone who absolutely refuses to take federal subsidies for school funding because of his fear it would make us beholden to the fed. gov. Or if He would quit taking loans to make good on an insane campaign promise that we're $15 million short of reaching. and funnel our existing funds into our schools and actual programs and initiatives instead of protecting his ass so he can become a senator in a few years.

If the NAACP and the church groups that are encouraging these protests and boycotts without looking at the larger picture and the actual causes of the decision want the bussing to continue (which, by the way, I think it should) then they should raise money and help the city do so.

Jesus Criminey!

Ragdoll13: I mean, Jesus Criminey.
Me : heheh.. you just wanted to say Jesus Criminey
Ragdoll: Well, the opportunity doesn't come up all THAT often, you must admit. :)
Ragdoll: carpe Jesus Criminey.
ME: hmmm.. I think it'd have to MAKE opportunities...
I mean, jesus criminey... how could I *not*?

Yeah, I like the Allie