May 29th, 2001


Bored and annoyed with everything

Rhett: How would you rate your overall contentment with your employment at out company:
A.) Very Happy
B.) Somewhat Happy
C.) Not Happy
D.) Testicle
me : D

Rhett: Question two: Suppose you were to come across some information that led you to believe a fellow employee was stealing from out company. Would you:
A.) Tell your supervisor
B.) Confront the employee
C.) Ask other employees if they have the same suspicion
D.) Dot Hat.
Me: Hmm.. I have to say D again..

Rhett: Question three: Your supervisor is making sexual advances on your wastebasket. Would you:
A.) Ask him or her to politely stop making advances on your wastebasket.
B.) Hide the wastebasket
C.) Sleep with the supervisor's wastebasket
D.) Ask for a threesome

RHett: Question four: It is up to the invidivual in every company division to uphold its integrity. To you, integrity consists of:
A.) Teamwork
B.) Pro-active decision making
C.) Not sleeping with the supervisor's wastebaket
D.) Wearing pants.
Me: D

RHett: Question five:
Rhettt: Just how would you manage to make love to an inanimate cylinder?
Buttmint: ::::::gets a disturbing Stile-esque image in his mind:::::::::::

A lil later in the same conversation....

Rhett: Did I tell you I got married
ME: no, you didn't?
Rhett: The sea and I got hitched last week.
ME: is it to a human?
ME: awwww
ME: hoooooow swweeeeet
ME: you know the sea is into polyamoroury, right?
Rhett: Yeah. Don't know where we're going for the honeymoon, yet. Kinda difficult to find a place that isn't the 70% that it covers.
Rhett: "Polyamouroury"?
Rhett: That word broke my dictionary software.

(no subject)

out of sorts.
blank stares
no responses.
can't be bothered.
numbed out
what's the point?
guess I'll go read
because books don't wait for a response.

(no subject)

I don't want coffee. I might want another cigarette, but that's five already this hour and that's probably too many. I want a phone call from Mike telling me that he's not angry anymore. I want a phone call from Cheryl so I can reaffirm the fact that yes, she is indeed an obnoxious cunt.
I want a phone call from Mr. Questions just so I can keep fooling myself into thinking he cares.
I want to read this disinfo book without actually having to read it. I want my sister to stop being so.... normal all the time. I want her to divorce her husband and rent a crappy townhouse near the strip with me and my friend David so we can drink every night and we can teach her how to take bong hits. I want my mother to quit walking up and reading over my shoulder. I want my father to pop out of existence with a lil puff of smoke and some lil imp to run on after him and throw some glitter in the air with a giggle.
Oooooh... maaaaaaaaaaaaagic.
My sister says the resume looks good.
My mom says I look very tired.
My dad says I need to get my shit together and quit being a leech.

I say I want another cigarette.