May 31st, 2001


(no subject)

If you count my day as having started at midnight, I said a hell of a lot today.
If you count my day from when I woke up, I haven't said nearly enough.
If you cound my day has having started at midnight, my day is already over.
If you count my day from when I woke up, I'm probably just starting.

Which is good.
Because I think I have a lot more to say.

The problem is that every discussion I've had thus far has devolved into disinterest or a pointless argument.
shutting up is probably the same option.
And I probably still won't do it.

(no subject)

Poison, Warrant, Quiet Riot, and Enuff Zenuff are playing on the same bill at the ampitheater.
I feel old.
I saw poison and warrant together when I was ten.

(no subject)

Realizing that what you thought were chains are wings ...
And knowing that all the unanswered questions you have aren't really questions.
because you already know the answers.
because you never needed to ask
you always just knew.
I'm just overwhelmed.
I'm dying in freedom
I need to scream
or cry

I'm confused
simply because for the first time... well.. ever... I'm not confused.
I know what's up
I know me
I know what's going on
and I know that I already knew
and I know that I didn't really need to be told

I'm not making any sense
you won't understand this
you'll think I just od'ed on crack

that's okay
that's all you really need to think ..
that I'm confused.

but happy