June 7th, 2001



I think I'm going to attempt something today.
Starting randomly, I'll work my way through the friends lists of all the journals I bump into, posting on each one, until I hit my own journal again (or until I freaking just give up)

I have a lil stubble that's very odd and distracting. Everytime I sit down, get up, bend over, it rubs. I dunno if it hurts of if is just irritating or what.
But I think I'm going to have to find some undies to put on to counteract that.

Doing some damned goofy thing with my arms yesterday (stretching them out, held together behind my back, bending forward and pulling the hands up until my hands are directly behind my shoulders) and they cramped up.
And then they were definitely pulled. very definitely.

trying to get back into a 'normal' sleep pattern. and I really don't think I'm doing too bad...

Booted a friend off the friends list yesterday. I usually feel bad about that sort of thing, but when someone is so tirelessly false it's kind of difficult to feel bad. I mean, which of their various personalites would you be hurting?
And can't they just go out and invent a new one? Yes, they can. And they will.
I think the final straw was him deleting my comments.
That was cowardly.
I don't need to associate with cowards. Especially since they really weren't interested in anything I had to say in the first place. ANd, since I wasn't going to spend my time talking to him just telling him how great he was, there really wasn't any point.
unfortunate, really. But probably inevitable. Because I am who he pretends to be. And if he's researched his character, he should know why it was inevitable.

because of just general muscle tension and the recent pulling my shoulder muscles are taut and hard. i really damned well need a backrub.

I just did something that is going to potentially get me into shit with the dad.
I threw away the tylox that expired in 94.
And all the other drugs.
Most of them analgesics.
Most of them expired BEFORE '94.
::shakes head:::
what is the point of a cabinet full of drugs you won't use because they're so old they've lost all their potency?
I mean, he had a bottle of PENNICILIN.
just straight up PENNICILIN for chrissakes.
What did he think he was going to do wtih it?

So down down down the flushies they went.
What was cool though were the reds, greens, yellows and white all floating together. It was almost pretty. I had to stop at one point and look something up because I SWORE it was secanol.
But it wasn't.
Just the boring drugs, ya know.

haven't read my mail yet.
Tim apparently sent me lots of stuff. Why, I dunno. But he did.
okay. yes.
coffee. quest. phone calls. ::nods:::
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I won't be doing that random thing through LJ..
I've just seen 6 other journals witht he exact thing on them.
can't..... let..... myself.... join....

Must.... fight...