June 13th, 2001


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conversation from the other day went something like this...
"Whatcha doin?"
"Cleaning my piercings"
"Ooh.. see.. even thinking about you doing that.. that turns me on."
"Cleaning the goo out of my piercings turns you on?"
"I prefer to think of it as 'playing with your nipples'... but yeah"
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Nope. I won't be getting that money from Frank

FJW: had court today
FJW: got hit with 500 dolla fines
FJW: due by the 24 of this month
FJW: so i'm thinkin of a hustle
Me: a hustle?
FJW: a way to come up with alot of money
FJW: i got to do a couple things
FJW: i have to go
FJW: i'll talk to ya later
FJW: i got to figure some shit out
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Frank's uncle charges $55 a quarter.
all of it chronic.
more for the hydro.

and not in the way I'm used to thinkin of it, but in the way most people think of it.

red haired, stinky, sticky, smooth tasting and smooth breathing.

I'm gonna crumple up in a ball and die tonight, I think.
Because I got hit in the face and I might have permanently screwed up someone's balls.
can't stop these hot lil flows coming from the corners of my eyes.

but I saw the movie again... part of it anyway.
didn't see gasworks yet, but I saw the freemont troll.
And frank is gone again
and there's no one I can talk to tonight anyway
even if they were here.
I couldn't talk.
Rhett just messaged me.
and I'm sorry rhett.
I just can't answer you right now.
I'll respond to the mail from andres.
and then I'll go.
because for some reason, andres is a lil puzzle that i'm going to have to pull apart.
and I won't sleep tonight.
because I didn't sleep last night.
and I'm discontent, hurting. upset, too much sadness in my head.
all of a sudden.