June 24th, 2001


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Men who consistently make promises.
and then consistently break them
are the reason women can't be nice.
You wonder why they don't trust you.
You wonder what you did that was so wrong..
you, unfortunately, are a member of your gender.
that's your crime.
and every day there's more and more proof for the prejudice.
and a lil less reason to trust.

I really hate that these men keep doing this.
Not to me.
heh.. I don't trust any of them in the first place.

But they always find someone to trust them.
and they always let that someone down.

.... they're almost as bad as women...

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I turn my back for a minute.
The person who was venting on me decided they were bugging me
the person who showed up
and I was stupidly hoping would stay
is off to score some bud.
I'll be in bed when he gets back
that's good
because I wouldn't want to talk tonight anyway
I'm spiraling
and no one has noticed.
guess my powers of fakery are still alive and well

good to know.
fuck em

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I'm awake
I didn't want to get out of bed.
Bad sign.
I think I'll play UT for awhile.
Kill some brain cells.
Kill some players.
It's fun when you get on a killing spree.
watching the lil body parts splatter all over the place.
last night I kept running past what I thought were items
only to see that they were chunks of the guy I just blew up.
I'm not sure if it's cathartic
or if I just enjoy gore.

hippies don't play first person shooters.

so at least I'm not a hippy.
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In newport news...
a couple met in the shoe department of a k mart.
they ended up getting engaged ... while in the k mart
and a year after that date they got married... IN THE K MART

Get me the fuck out of here.

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I wasn't even trying to do the thing through lj.
I hit random.
I got a_v_i_s_i_o_n and on his friends list was a chick called redtears who had an intriguing user pic.
After looking at her profile I'm convinced that it's this chicky poo who used to post on the RG, but yeah... that girl.
She has a familiar pic on her friends list... harmony who is on alara's friends list and Alara is on azmatiq's list and he's on mine.

LJ is actually starting to piss me off with this. I try to find someone who has NO CONNECTION to me... and tada.. there's the connection again.