June 29th, 2001


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if I grab both my cheeks (face cheeks) and pull, I look a lil like the dude's mother in Brazil while she's consulting with the plastic surgeon.

There's another Dale Earnhardt retrospective thing about him and his company and 'keeping the legend alive'
He raced cars.
He did it pretty well.
He died.
What a fucking legend.

Yes, I know there are people who are fans and who really did pin a lot of admiration and good feelings on him... but does that mean the whole world should mourn?
He died while he was racing. He was a participant in a dangerous sport. It's not as if he was gunned down by a speed addled neo nazi midget or something. It's not as if it was a true and total shocker. It's not as if the thought of someone dying in a nascar race was completely fucking unheard of.

Guess I'm just cynical.
::shrug:: :

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This weird guy keeps wanting to talk to me on the phone.
You HAVE TO BE weird to want to keep talking to me on the phone.

heh.. think I'm gonna have to let him call again.

I'm... I'm yeah .. who gives a fuck what I am?

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Why must people suck? hmm? why why why must they?
And then why must other people (just a couple so far) rock so much that they only enhance the suckage of all those other people?

I'm in kind of a pissy mood now. I guess I was smiling too much. I drew too much attention to myself, maybe.

But that show is coming on in about 15 minutes.
So that will be good.
I can't be coherent right now.
I can't be coherent ever, really.