July 3rd, 2001


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You know, at this point I just want a car so I can run outside and bass the Bloodhound Gang at Mark and Jay everytime they start their lil bass wars while waxing their rides.

The Bloodhound Gang or maybe Primus.

long crap.

It's amazing to listen to Lodi Dodi and realize how many acts have sampled that song. Just over and over.
My brain is sort of all over the place. Because I'm still biting my tongue with so many people. I guess this is how it's always been. I don't know why I never realized it. I've been going a lil insane lately. Finding that a climate of silence is what you've been raised up in... and finding how utterly inane and damaging that is. So, you change yourself. You learn honesty. You learn disclosure. You learn that the things you don't know will indeed hurt you. And the things you don't say will hurt you even more.
And then you get smacked in the face with the realization that in order to just get along with most of the people you know you have to revert.
Once I left it, I never wanted to go back.
But here I am.
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::my mom pokes my in the head:::
me: "HEY! Did you just stab me in the head with your pencil?"
mom: "yes"
me: "I *knew* it."

::an hour later:::

me: "my head hurts like a bitch all of a sudden. I bet it's from when you stabbed me in the head with that pencil""
mom: "probably. I was hoping it would wipe you out right away, but you've got a hard head and it didn't really penetrate the skull"
me: "So you've just given me graphite poisoning instead. You know it makes you puke alot and eye ball bleeding is a common side effect... your carpets are going to be a mess..."
mom: "It'll be worth it."

I dunno how to feel about all that.
We're either the adams family or just really fuckin weird.
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