July 8th, 2001


silly billy crackheads

AzmatiQ: I'll be back in a few... might be a twofer. Not sure. heh
ZeeVert: FINE
AzmatiQ: Don't you yell at me Lil' Miss Polly Prissy Pants.
AzmatiQ: :-)
AzmatiQ: Thats Mister Jorge Riviera San Paulo-Ass, to you!
ZeeVert: heheh
AzmatiQ: ... the third.
AzmatiQ: *nod*
ZeeVert: GO
AzmatiQ: OK!

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I haven't had food yet today so I'm going to eat these lil crackers here and hope that that will be enough to appease the blood sugar gods.
I went out and did a little shopping today.
Bought things I shouldn't have.
For no reason.
Other than to be happy that I can box them up and send them to the other coast and hope that they're well recieved.
I can't go into the dollar store without buying something.
I usually drop about ten bucks everytime I walk in there.
Those little figurines at the front are usually my favorite.
Last time it was a lil gaggle of differently posed nuns with heavenly looks on their placid faces.
They're cloistered on my top bookshelf, right next the demon perched on a pile of skulls, licking his lips. I didn't really think about the composition. That's just where they got put.
You know, I have to wonder about my hypocrisy.
I really do deep down hate the disposable world we have here. Everything is plastic and non biodegradable and made in taiwan and flimsy and doomed to fail and break soon. It's all crap.
Especially in the dollar store.
There is no better way to drive home that point...
I really wish we didn't live like that. A live for today attitude in a world where we've already seen the consequences of that mentality.
It just annoys the hell out of me sometimes.

But then I walk into a dollar store and I'm counting out my pocket change to see if I can get just ONE MORE THING.
Because the cheap plastic crap appeals to something in me. The same disposable quality that makes it crap is what makes me want to cherish it.
I have a collection of pez dispensers.
I have lil plastic figures from the mickey dees happy meals I got as a kid (a whole wind up set of the original toys for the jungle book)
and I want to get rid of these things now...
I tried to sell them even.
No one wanted them.
Just proving that I really am the only person who would find worth in something like this.

I hate it... I love it...
I really dunno how I feel.
But I spent 8 bucks in the dollar store (and none of it was even for me)


I did a lil venting.
I read that thing on her journal... not her LJ... because well, she *deleted* all the shit on the LJ that she didn't like... But the other one.
I read it and it gave me an instant headache. You ever get that? Where your head just explodes in pain like someone drilled a hole in it and dropped in an m80? or a quarter stick of dynamite....
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