July 11th, 2001



I like it when obituaries can't say "died"
It's great.
Because they get really creative..
going through the backlog of obituaries on thelocal paper's site I found some nice ones for ya.

CHESAPEAKE -- Beatrice Augusta Roughton Owens, 83, formerly of Taylor Road, entered into eternal rest on April 11, 2001. Bea, as she was affectionately known, was born in Columbia, N.C., on March 21, 1918. She was one of three children of Joseph Raymond Roughton and Sadie Snell Roughton.

CHESAPEAKE -- Vickie Myers Wharton, a loving mother, sister, grandmother, and friend to many, peacefully went to be with the Lord April 9, 2001, at Kate B. Reynolds Hospice Home.

VIRGINIA BEACH -- Betty D. Jones, 37, went to be with the Lord on Tuesday, April 10, 2001, after a long battle with cancer.

VIRGINIA BEACH -- A few days ago God in His infinite love and mercy walked among His garden and plucked a very special flower, thus calling one of His children, Clarence McLean, from labor to reward. Clarence Melvin McLean Jr. (Carlos) was born May 29, 1956, in Norfolk. His parents nurtured in him the significance of family love and compassion for mankind. This was indeed exemplified in Clarence's walk of life.

PORTSMOUTH -- Denise E. Oliver Green passed from this life April 7, 2001, at Riverside Health and Rehabilitation Center in East Hartford, Conn. She is the daughter of Velma H. Oliver Martin and the late George Muriel Oliver Sr.

VIRGINIA BEACH -- Retired U.S. Navy Capt. James Harry Campbell entered glory on Thursday, April 12, 2001.

VIRGINIA BEACH -- Gerald N. Sorey, 53, of Blackwater, went to be with the Lord on April 11, 2001, at his residence.

Went to be with the Lord...
that's a popular one..
and of course "passed away" is just too common to list as an odd one..
but it's still a nice-ing up and dumbing down.

And please... I'm making this plea.... please please don't anyone ever use my name and the word "predeceased" anywhere near each other.

And this one... I dunno why .. but there's just something about it...
I dunno if I like it or revile it... but that's rather how it goes with death, right?

Marie L. Straub
CHESAPEAKE -- Marie L. Straub, a most stupendous spirit, crossed over Saturday, July 7, 2001, leaving behind a loving soulmate, son, and many hearts touched by her essence.

A memorial service will be held at 2 p.m. Thursday in Norfolk Botanical Gardens. Loving Funeral Home, Churchland, is handling the arrangements.

In lieu of flowers, the family suggests that memorial contributions be made to the Community Animal Project, 501 Front St., Norfolk, VA 23510. The memorial service is a celebration of Marie's life and the family requests colorful and casual attire.

"a most stupendous spirit"
I like that for some reason.

I like obituaries.
They're good reminders that I'm not the only one.
And they're sources of heartbreak.. like this one here for the little boy... 8 months old. Khalil. He died. They don't say why. He's just dead. No family listed. No mention of God's heavenly angels for him.
Just his death.
And when they'll be putting him in the ground.
Three little lines.
And just below... A.H. Bill Williams... Alfonzo Hollis "Bill" Williams, age 92.
And a lengthy listing of his trials and achievements.
A lot happens in 92 years, ya know.

I wanted to see Tom's obituary.
Cheryl wrote it though. And it would have just pissed me off. It should have just said "Tom Spencer, 25, of lands near and far, currently tanning his ass in California, isn't around anymore. Pick up your empties, thank your host, the party is over."

Or something like that.
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I wrote this really fucking long entry that was for ONE person that I purposefully added back onto my friends list just for the purpose of the ONE post...
I said A LOT
and I said it calm and well
and Livejournal died on me.
that's the FIRST TIME that's ever happened.
.... maybe it's an omen
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I just want to scoop this person up and take him away from all his crap.
I just want him to be OKAY..
because he deserves so much more than he's getting.
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The HR lady saying over and over "I don't know what Chris told you.... " is not promising.
Her feeling the need to say at LEAST 5 times that "well, ya know... retail doesn't change" makes me just flat out annoyed.
And her very less than upbeat demeanor toward me the whole time does not spell something nice.
"we just want to make sure you actually stay with us this time."
Apparently I abandonded ship.
Everyone else seems nothing but happy to have me back....
not the HR manager...

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Our Weather:
Temperature 96� F
HeatIndex 101� F
Humidity 40%
Dewpoint 68� F
Wind WNW at 14 mph
Pressure 29.66 in
Conditions Mostly Cloudy
Visibility 7 miles

It's disgusting out there.
you just.. wither. You walk outside and you absolutely wither.
It's insane.
And it's only the middle of July....
August is going to be soooo much worse.

I'm posting about the weather.
Avoidance? Moi? no no no... of course not. I'm simply *fascinated* by meteorology.
OOH look... tomorrow night.. lows in the mid 60s.. that'll be nice...

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Nash Bridges is on... my dad digs it...
they hand a guy a whole sheaf of paper and say it's a source code.
The thing is a good 4 inches thick
They tell him to rewrite the whole thing.
They give him 8 hours.

That's .... that's some code monkey they've got there.

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My father just randomly looked over at me.... nothing was going on.. .there was no conversation..
I was typing, he was vegging... and he said "All of the men who raised the flag at Iwo Jima are now dead."
and then looked back at the TV.

It's incredibly sad that that's the only way he can communicate anymore.
Pronouncements and Speeches.

IQ Tests

I was talking to this dude I know.
And he insisted that IQ tests are a worthy measure of intelligence. And that the only people who think they're arbitrary are those with low scores. This was after I said that I didn't really think they were worth anything.
He asked me what my score was...
I've never taken one.
He told me to go to http://www.iqtest.com and take their test...
That it was very close to the actual ones he has taken and it was a very decent, quick test.
I still think the tests are arbitrary.
and it's not because I got a low score.
Not as high as his high holy commisoner of the Brains (who thinks people should have their IQs tattooed on their foreheads so that you can decide right away who you do and don't want to have anything to do with) , but high enough that, were it an actual, sound, NON INTERNET test (and maybe on a site that isn't trying to sell you IQ enhancing programs and wants you to buy the wall certificate for $9.95), Andres would certainly have to take what I had to say seriously on the basis of those digits on my foreheads.

Oh, and friend took it too.
He scored eleven points higher than me... But I always knew there had to be some quantifiable method of showing how gaddamned much he rocked.
too bad it's in a very arbitrary lil test.
I do like the general theory questions.. the spatial observations.. the cognitive thinking.. quick problem solving.
That just means I think I on my toes... not that I'm necessarily any more or less intelligent than anyone else.

I dunno.
a sheet of paper with a number on it really doesn't mean a whole hell of a lot when it comes to living day to day.