July 15th, 2001


(no subject)

I can hear all the blood in my head... just rolling around like those silly earthquake in a can things they used to sell... sealed tin can with a large ball bearing in the bottom.. little tilts of your hand make ir roll around the outside... getting faster.. shaking..
I'm not to the shaking.. .but I can feel that train of blood.
the ballbearing in my tin skull.
there's a muscle on the right side of my neck.. just behing my ear and down that lil ridge there.. the one that divides side and back...
I think someone injected it with windex while I wasn't paying attention.

just a theory

I'm about to have some food.
I think I may really need it.

I need a hug. A nice long hug so I can smile up at them and just say "no, really I'm fine. REALLY."

(no subject)

I'm just a little blank at the moment.
I'm rather numb.
I'm going to save money.
And then I'm going to train someone else.
And then I'm going to bolt.
Maybe to the west coast.
Maybe up north.
I don't know.
it doesn't matter at this point.
Out is what I need.