July 25th, 2001


(no subject)

I'm depressed and crying since I woke up.
I'm off again on saturday.
I'll need it.
Going back was a mistake.
A big big mistake.
I promised him 6 months.
That's all he gets.
I'll be counting down.
It's a job.
It's a means to an end.
That is all.

(no subject)

I perpetrated theft.

"So, how do you take your coffee, sir?"
"I take my coffee like I like my women!"
"Oh. Ha ha. What 'black & sweet'?"
"What, bitter?"
"No. Cold."

That's from unrepentant's journal.
I was impressed with him.
He's going on my friends list maybe.
I don't ask permission for that shit anymore. I don't care if I get added back. It's just one of those things.