August 7th, 2001


(no subject)

I'm gonna play Unreal Tournament.
And I'm gonna start to learn Front Page.
And I'm gonna drink lots of coffee.
And I might stare at a wall for 20 minutes singing "the doom song" in my head and bouncing.
And I might watch that disk of family guy episodes..
AND FUCK! I still haven't seen Princess Mononoke.

Okay.. I really did think I wasn't gonna do anything today but I think I'll be too busy doing nothing to do nothing.


(no subject)

I got that user pic up there.... and now.. hmm... I dunno. I'd have to only use it when I was feeling particularly depressed.
It's just too sad looking.

(no subject)

Privaaate eyes.
are watchin you
watchin your eeeevery mooove.
yeah priiivaaate eyes (clap clap)
are watchin you.
priiiiivaaate eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeyes
they're watchinyouwatchinyouwatchinyou....

(no subject)

Your date of birth: 10 / 12 / 1977

Today, you are 8642 days old.

You will be (or were) 10000* days old on Tuesday, 26 April, 2005.

Your next "even thousandth" birthday is your 9000th which falls on Wednesday, 31 July 2002. Why not take the day off?

at's me
Got it from here
stole it from this alara person

(no subject)

I like to rub crack on my gums.
I like to fill your friends page with inane crap.
I like to chew on my bottom lip.
I like to read people's friends pages.
I like to bounce my leg up and down like a speed freak.
I like to flick my tongue like a snake
I like that komada icon
I like that I just keep on posting crap
I like talking to mistah lovah lovah.
gonna go do that now.