September 24th, 2001


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I almost dropped a box full of heavy cardboard signs on my district manager's head.
Monica is a cunt who must be stopped.
Brian said something unintelligable to me in spanish on my way out the door today. I don't know if he was mumbling, and actually saying something, or if he was bullshitting and used the mumble as a cover for it.
Either way, it was one of the few genuine laughs I had today.
Not enough crack in my day. ANd I was so prepared for it. I was ready. I think I needed a little frivolity.
Debbi was sick (shocker) and Monica was in this ... *mood*... she thinks she's being targetted, singled out, she's upset.
She strikes me as the kind of chick who got straight A's in school BY ANY MEANS NECESSARY... a B was not good enough, ya know? One of those horribly *intense* students. Either that or she's just a lil control freak bitch.

She's been shitty since Chris left the front end, but it's just getting worse.
She doesn't get that it's all performance based. They don't give a shit about the circumstances, they're just seeing what they see. She was a manager at one point, she should understand that. They don't want explanations, they just want things to go the way they want them to.

Big red dot on the map. Headed my way. I haven't even seen the weather for weeks.
But someone on the other coast keeps me informed.
Ooh.. storm with a possible tornado...

I don't like tornados, I think.. never been in one.

Hurricanes, I'm used to.
We used to go to the beach when the hurricanes hit.
We're freaks.
And we also don't live in some insane place like sandbridge (where all the houses are on stilts) or down in the outer banks (narrow enough to throw a rock across in some spots) ...

They really aren't that big of a deal. Just like the weather of any other day .. just moreso.

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Stile project... haven't been there in months and months and months...

I went there today..
I won't be back for months and months and months...