September 29th, 2001


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random 5 minute rain storms all day are predicted in a move that mother nature has come up with just to freak you the fuck out.

it doesn't even cloud over.

I'm supposed to cut 200 hours off a schedule that was already as skinny as it could be and rewrite supervisors for... hmm... reasons I cannot now remember.
My memory is *crap* lately.
I am supposed to be able to do this work on the schedule on a saturday... a saturday that originally had an extra supervisor on it and still looked pretty bare.
I didn't move off a register for longer than 15 minutes yesterday, forget about traipsing to the back to work on the schedule for an hour...

My sister is arguing with my mom over the pronunciation of "worchester"

I want to sleep for about 5 more hours.

I have goosebumps. Maybe I'll put on my jacket.

I'm going to have to TRY to be scattered today... I think it's the only way I'll make it through... mental self defense.

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What I have to say about work....


everyone else pretty much rocks though... today anyway ... excepting management and those deli/bakery people who never do anything.

and now I'm going to eat this exceedingly spicey jalapeno cheese bread because I passed out today.

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I'm tired of the psedo intellectual hypothesising on the wrongs and rights of this war against no one we are entering. For, against... it doesn't matter. We're all just sitting around, wanking to the glorified sounds of our own voices, our own clattering keyboards. As this point, we all know nothing. Chances are, we'll continue to know nothing. Get on with your lives.
No, really.
I don't mean it in the way that the frightened economists mean it.
I mean that you need to quit your ramblings, and remember how your life worked two weeks ago. Go back to it. Quit being paranoid little dipshits. Quit trying to puzzle out all the factors.
You're acting like a cancer patient whos fatal illness has become their sole reason for living.
The point of terrorism is fear.
And that's what all this is.... it's fear. It's not self righteousness (though it is heavily tinged with that particular foul odor) it's fear. And it's pathetic that we've given in to it.

I just want to be able to amble through LJ when I get home without seeing more self aggrandizing armchair socio-political experts expounding on 'how things really are'

You don't know.
None of us really know.
So quit trying so hard to fend off the boogie monster with sure sounding words.

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......And we are being told by spokesmen for the White House to watch what we say. We are being admonished not to use one of the things that makes us great. We are being told not to use our voices. And if you don't think it matters, and if you don't think these things snowball, and if you don't think overreaction is a possibility at a time like this, go back and watch your DUCK SOUP or your DR. STRANGELOVE and remember that no matter how bizarre art attempts to paint human behavior, it inevitably falls short of reality. This time, we are just being told to watch what we say. And we're being told by someone who will edit transcripts of events in order to make the permanent record more palatable. It's doublespeak. And when I hear the American public being told to watch what it says... when I feel like someone's telling me that I am not allowed full and free use of my voice... well, I'm using mine, and I'm giving BasicAlias a place to use his, and even if Bill Maher was a total jackass to Harry on his show, I would offer this forum to Maher himself if he was booted from ABC. I'd offer it because I feel that's a more patriotic act than sticking a flag on my car. Liberty is only valuable for those who use it.

Read the full creepy story here. Maybe a screw up, maybe intentional...