October 2nd, 2001


(no subject)

I no longer have a job.
I am sure not everyone at my job realizes this yet... monica will be soooo suprised...
I acted like I was coming in tomorrow all day. It's really hard to act normal when you just want to run around giving people wedgies and shaking your ass in their face screaming "KIIIISS IIIIT KISS IT YOU PRETTY LITTLE WHORE"


but I did it just fine.
That was sort of part of it.
The mind fuck.
I come in, work my Shiny Metal Ass off, leave with a smile on my face, and then they find the note and I never come back.
But it will be weird going in on friday for my check. But I'm determined to do it.
no hiding. I'll go in and get my check and the one after it.
I need the money and I can't wait around til they mail it to me.

I told Vic in electronics. I told Bobby who said "again? what's the reason this time?" and then gave me this great squishy eyeball thingy (he said it was the least he could do for all the 'fuck work' stickers... which I think I'll distribute on friday when I go in for my check.). I told Debbi... but I don't think it sunk in...
I think I ended up with overtime too.
heh. those cocks.

anyway... checking out prices for tickets ... so far, about $400 is the best I can do for a flight that doesn't require two stops each way and multiple airlines.
If I deal with econo class, two stops each way and multiple airlines.. I can get it down
to $290.
I dunno... I'll keep looking... but I want to buy tickets soon. But I have to give mister man enough time to make plans and arrangements. We'll work it out. We have thus far... nothing is gonna stop this. Nothing.
I want to go to seattle for a couple weeks (at least)
I'm gonna go ::nods::
it has to be a couple weeks.
As boring as it is here, we found a weekend just WAS NOT enough time to even adequately explore the oceanfront and that's just such a tiny part of the whole place. So I know seattle will require time.
Gasworks alone could take aaaaaall day long.
So yeah .
Alicia reccomends that I start packing immediately. That because I've never lived anywhere but here that it's high fucking time I move.
I think I agree.
But is cross country a good idea?

I dunno... I want to go to school... I can do that anywhere...
I need to at least visit first.. if for no other reason than because I need to not freak out my mom. My mom is important to me. She needs to see this as a calm, measured decision.

I have so much going on in my head.
and none of it is about that store.

I like the space. I like that my thoughts are taking back over. I like this.
I should be unemployed more often . heheh