October 3rd, 2001


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Buttmint: Get a job, hippy!
ZeeVert: fuck off, you establishment toady!
Buttmint: It's people like you who bring down the economy and exploit the system that was set up for the people who are truly needy!
ZeeVert: uhm.. I'm not collecting unemployment or food stamps or welfare.
ZeeVert: but the system has EXPLOITED *ME*, MAAAAN.
Buttmint: It's just as well............there aren't any "rare" food stamps.
ZeeVert: heheh
Buttmint: If you find one with a mispring on it, you get double the dog food it's worth.
Buttmint: lol
Buttmint: "misprint"
ZeeVert: dog food?
Buttmint: Dogs need food, too.
Buttmint: Animal hater.
ZeeVert: not covered with food stamps
Buttmint: Source of fiber.
Buttmint: "There's no 'i' in 'cocksucker'," Holly.
ZeeVert: you're feelin your wheaties tonight...

I follow instructions well

Buttmint: I actually feel like beaten crap on a stick.
Buttmint: It's rediculous that I'm still awake.
ZeeVert: are you crap on a stick?
ZeeVert: and has someone been beating you?
Buttmint: I have.
ZeeVert: you need to stop the circle of hate, Rhett.
Buttmint: It's a mobius strip of hate.

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I have to remember the checkbook.

I am going to be *so* freakin poor.
::nods:: but it'll be worth it.

I should check on my balance... and keep in mind that I have one check here and two more on the way... close that lil bit in my savings and throw it into checking maybe?
Or the other way around?

Chew foil.
that's what I'll do ... I'll chew foil.
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DangerousPi: :-)
DangerousPi: :-(
ZeeVert: oh stop it
DangerousPi: !:-)
DangerousPi: Wasabi!
DangerousPi: "I don't want pregnant women or a person who is not clean to come and say goodbye to me because I don't approve of it." -- From the will of one of the pilots of the planes
DangerousPi: Let's get you knocked up and out to the mortuary.
DangerousPi: Let's break in to a mental institution and kidnap a bunch of crazy people...........then go to his grave, put something shiney on the headstone, and let them loose.
DangerousPi: Something about you not talking to me says "Rhett, I'm not going to be talking to you right now."
DangerousPi: I can't figure out just what it is, though.
DangerousPi: If you play the new Slipknot album backwards in it's entirety at 1/3 the speed, you get the soundtrack to "The Sound of Music".
DangerousPi: :::nod:::