October 5th, 2001


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I'm going to seattle.

Christ on a crutch.
I've been wanting this since January.
And ... there is it.. the 19th...
I have a lot of feelings about ... stuff... about what I will be doing when november 5th hits.. when I come back...
I think most of those feelings involve packing.

I went into work for my paycheck (got one more coming to me...) and signed seperation papers, exit review.. that shit.
Patricia asked me 'what happened' and I said "well, you read the letter."
and she said "okay, but all of a sudden?" and I shook my head and laughed and said that, no, it wasn't all of a sudden, it was a slow creeping death, and that I knew better, and that I was never gonna forgive Chris Mitchell for being charming and convincing.
And I added that I had this whole world open to me on the other side of the country and that I was going to pounce on any chance I got out there.
and I'm pretty sure I wasn't just spewing bullshit.

I'm a little scattered.

I saw The Others today.
Wasn't what I was expecting at all. AT ALL.
I was impressed actually.

I .. yeah .. I'm going to seattle.

I think I know who I'll be meeting... and who I won't. I dunno. Maybe I will. Maybe I'll go meet allie. ::shrug::: Just say 'hi'
I wonder if she'd actually do that.

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I get no email
I get no phone calls.
I get no mail.
no one looking to talk to me
no one going out of their way to find out what's up .

and it's my fault.
you can only expect people to chase after you asking for so long.
I guess... I guess I keep thinking that their fascination will outlast my need to be distant.
You can only be a mystery for so long.
Until people either figure you out, or just get fucking bored with the chase.

All of my people are bored with the chase.

But this eyeball thingy that Bobby gave me my last night at work fucking rocks.

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I looked up at my calendar today and realized that I'd COMPLETELY FORGOTTEN Dave's birthday
it was the 29th.
I reminded myself for two fuckin weeks to send a card and remember to tell you happy birthday

Dammit dammit