October 17th, 2001


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I can't stop eating the general tso's chicken.
It's crunchy and spicy and delightful. I've already eaten more in the last 20 minutes than I've eaten any day this week... but well... it's soooo good. Really. Tim is in denial. He ... okay.. he isn't denying the death. He's denying that this is going to be hard for him. He's playing stoic for his mom and it's starting to lap over into his quiet alone time. He thinks that he really is the strong front he's showing for his mom (who's apparently gone to pieces) and I happen to know otherwise becuase, well, I played ears for the drunkard that night with the mud clods and sobbing.
I know how he's feeling. ANd I know if he doesn't give up the stoic routine, he'll convince himself of it, keep it up for a good long while and then six months down the road collapse/explode/impolode.. I dunno... one of those.

But it'll be messy, man.

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DangerousPi: All your base, Holly.
DangerousPi: All of it.
DangerousPi: Even the little bits back in the corner that you forgot about.
ZeeVert: .... bastard
DangerousPi: All your half-empty jars of mustard are belong to us.
DangerousPi: ::::::::goes through her refrigerator:::::::
DangerousPi: All your kosher hotdogs are belong to us, but I think we are going to have them are belong to someone else instead.
ZeeVert: are you okay, Rhett?