October 19th, 2001


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Hey, uhm.. Gates?

How the hell did you mean this?

I would have just replied there . .but yeah.

Do you mean I dissapear a lot or that I goof off a lot.

both are true.

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AzmatiQ: My mom just asked, "Does she do pot too?"
AzmatiQ: She's seen the bong pictures.**
AzmatiQ: hehe
ZeeVert: hehehe
ZeeVert: did she think we had incense in there?

**Bong pictures here


Here is a scary picture of me withthe red hair by Dave's request

aaaaand a not so scary one (and not so Thora Birch in American Beauty... that's what I think it looks like anyway... )
I just think this looks neat


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Apparently something about Wendy coming in and coming up to my room and saying that she was stopping by just to see my finally perked my father's ears.
My mom told him that she was helping me pack.
He asked "for what"
She told him "seattle. She's going for two weeks."
He said "what about work?"
She told him "She quit three weeks ago"

when I came down he had that look on his face. The one that's just seconds away from an abuse rant. The kind I used to hide from.
he said "you know, you need to keep me UPDATED. I didn't know you quit. I didn't know you were going anywhere. Your mother doesn't tell me anything."
I just muttered a sorry.

What I wanted to say was...
"well, you never ask. If you showed the slightest amount of interest, you wouldn't have to ask. You'd know. Because I'd tell you. If you talked to me about anything other than what YOU do at work or about YOUR opinions on what's filtering through the glass tit at you then perhaps you might know *something* about me. There was a time when your inattention was a godsend. When you not paying any attention meant that I could actually BREATH that day. But now... and for the last several years... heh...
You've lost me. You don't know me anymore. You're looking at a fucking stranger. I've been a stranger for many years. Becuase you stopped bothering. And ya know.. I'm grateful. It's meant that I can do what I need to do without your bullshit advice or "guidance". But it's also meant that I live with someone who's less than a roomate. Becuase at least I talk to my roomates when I pass them in the hall. When it comes right down to it, you don't NEED to know anything. So you don't. And since you only very occasionally lift your head up and look around you long enough to notice my presence I don't think that this has been exactly nagging on you. I'd tell you to fuck off, but it's a little late for that."

Or something like that.


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I actually woke up and stuff. It's *amazing*

The plane doesn't leave until 12:30.. but I have to be at the airport by 10. Yet another reason that security is flipping me out. I had dreams about it. All night long I had dreams about bogus charges, fuckwits in front of me, Airport shut downs. All night long I had dreams that I was sitting around, crying and resentful.
I'm neurotic.

From: Danny Frost <dfrost@v...>
Date: Fri Oct 19, 2001 6:23 am
Subject: Read this

This email has been coated in anthrax. If you had actually readed this,
you really should consider seeing a doctor before you catch fire and die.

I know some fucked up people.

I really don't want to sit on a plane for 9 hours. But well, hehe... maybe I should stop whining, eh?
Gonna finish this cuppa.. go for a second... offload the bladder... then I'll manhandle the luggage into the car (it's like moving a body) and we'll go.
at 9pm est I'll be in seattle.
At 6 pm pst I'll be in seattle.

and tonight I will be *so* *incredibly* *small****

***Holly term for really so fucking stoned