November 12th, 2001


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Don't run around talking about marriage and kids when you can't go a day without worrying about them leaving you, or hurting you, or just fucking WHINING about someone not living up to every ounce of what you've decided they should be.

find someone you dig and then start making plans.
don't make plans and then try to find someone to fit them.

and then stress and bitch when they just aren't your type of perfect.
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I keep scratching my face and legs.
Too much.
I feel dried out. It's the weather.
And I have long nails now. I usually don't have nails at all. They always get broken off. But right now I feel like someone needs to put some of those baby mittens over my hands to keep me from scratching myself.

My mom just reheated two steamed dumplings from dinner last night.
They looked exactly like cow testicles.
Prarie Oysters and soy sauce...yummah!

I'll stick with the coffee, thank you.

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SO I'm feeling all cantankerous today. I'm sure there will be more random rants at more random targets who have pushed the buttons of my utterly random wrath.

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isn't Dame Edna's hair usually bluish?
Or at least... more of a light violet?

and what's with the Allie-But-Younger they have on the show now?
*another* neurotic annoying chick.

I have to stop halfway watching tv over my shoulder when I haven't actually watched a show in years.
It's just confusing.

but I lurv Dame Edna.

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Something else for the hostilities....

if you ever have an issue with me...please just deal with me.
Dragging someone we know mutually into it is insulting in the extreme and makes it rather difficult to think anything nice about you.
Making angry comments at me and almost *immediately* complaining about me to someone that you think will take care of the problem for you is not only childish, but put a very fine point on what seems to be your boiling over hostility at anyone who doesn't fully go along with your every idea.

I'm being so utterly reserved.
This isn't how I actually feel.
BUT since I can take the time to think about what I say before I say it instead of just spewing and stomping my feet, I do. Often.

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ZeeVert: the owner of a local hotel allowed a couple to live there with 184 cats
AzmatiQ: How bad did they trash the place?
ZeeVert: apparently they're describing it as "living in a litter box"
AzmatiQ: hehe
ZeeVert: the story will be on at 11
AzmatiQ: I'd imagine
AzmatiQ: 184?
AzmatiQ: *fuck*
ZeeVert: yesh
ZeeVert: think of that in ONE hotel room
AzmatiQ: I thought we made a mess ;-)
AzmatiQ: I at least pooped in the toilet 99.8% of the time ;-)


AzmatiQ: Either this job has the longest title I've ever seen or someone needs to buy a fucking comma.
AzmatiQ: ABAP Developer ABAP Programmer Business Systems Analyst Database Administrator Basis Administrator Software Specialist Systems Analyst Ancillary Systems Engineer Core Systems Engineer Data Systems Engineer IN Systems Engineer Network Traffic Engineer Technical Engineer Product Marketing Manager