November 20th, 2001


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Thank You!

You have just signed up to be on the Official Carrot Top e-mail list.

Any time that Carrot Top will be on TV,in a movie, or anything that you
all need to know about, I will let you know. I'm not going to fill your
in-box with stupid stuff....just the important stuff.

Things are starting to happen for Carrot Top....AT&T, DVD's, and big shows.
We want you to know when these things happen so you can be part of it!

If you would like to be removed from out e-mail list, please hit the reply
button with REMOVE as the subject.

Thank you all for being Carrot Top's fans!!

Peace & Carrots,

Eric A. Godfrey
Road Manager
Carrot Top, Inc.

Okay fuckers... who signed me up for the Carrot Top mailing list?
Who did I piss off who's too much of a moron to just say so?

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Buttmint: The Carrot Top thing was me.
Buttmint: Think of it this way: at least I thought of you.
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"You're worth whatever it takes..."

I just want to be able to read that over and over a few times.
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> I never signed up for this mailing list.. someone is having some fun with
> I was wondering if you could provide me with the time the request was
submitted and the IP address of the person signing this email address up
this service?
> It would be *very* much appreciated.
> thanks.

I have no way of knowing that info....sorry.

I will remove you today.

heheh .. the webmaster has no way of knowing that info?
I don't believe him. Not that I need it now, but that's hardly the point.

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DangerousPi: What's up?
ZeeVert: not a lot... I just got back in from picking up the XXXX I got for chad for christmas
DangerousPi: It's the thought that counts.

I dunno where Chad is going to be today. No money, nowhere to stay, and his dad will be working all day and he had to be out of the hotel 2 hours ago.

I feel like a very useless thing all the way out here on the other side of the country
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My birthday is fast approaching.
my mom keeps asking what I want.
I am more concerned about the age number.
Yes, I know... it's not a big one.
YES, I KNOW that a lot of people are older than me...
But I also know that I can never see past a 3 month period of time so looking back 24 years is a frighteningly long stretch of time.
I'm old. I've been old for a long time. I've already had my own little midlife crisis... its name is Texas and I remember it fondly, but with a big blush.
age is just a number when you're 16 and you want to be deemed old enough to run with the big kids. But when you're 24 and start realizing that no one is going to step in and stop the test anytime soon... well... age is a fuck of a lot more than a number.