November 21st, 2001


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Dave Justdave72: stay out of my head woman
ZeeVert: but the frontal lobe is so *comfy*... ::wiggles her but into it:::
Dave Justdave72 direct connection is closed.
Dave Justdave72 signed off at 12:34:45 AM.

apparently my ass doth offend.

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I've been around my father for 3 hours this morning.
I've had to retreat to my room and punch things 6 times.
Thanksgiving is going to be *wonderful*

I wonder if he'll do a bullshit 'saying grace' thing again this year. He's randomly religious.. usually whenever he's pretty sure he should be according to some world standard the rest of us aren't privy to.
All of a sudden at Thanksgiving there's a god and he needs to be thanked.
Any other time of the year, Lous L'Amour may as well be god as far as he's concerned.

I'm getting another aura.
Not a good sign.
Bad track record I'm starting here. Two in a week.

That means I'll be more or less shut down and depressed for the rest of the day. I may even end up calling mister questions... because when I'm depressed, I punish myself.

I let Chad call me "Boo"
I have for a long time. It's more my name now than "Holly" is.
I'm always Boo.
and I don't mind even a little.
All these new facets to me that I never knew were capable.
Had anyone before him given me a pet name, I would have ripped out their throats the first time it was uttered.

But I .. I don't mind.
Looking for transcripts of Kids in the Hall sketches because I don't remember exactly how the "He replaced 'canadian' with 'blousy'. and I replaced 'gay' with 'blonde' ... so now I'm a blousy blonde" piece with Buddy goes.

And somehow this is of immediate and dire import.

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I opened up and walked away.

I forgot that the parents were around.
and I forgot what was on their front page.

my father said "what the HELL is that that you have on your screen there?"
and when I looked...

I said. "duh, it's a turkey............sort of"

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The little photo editor with the trial version crap was not enough.
It even had 'lite' in the title.
I like it enough that I am fully prepared to delete it and get the full version.

I don't like it enough it enough to *pay* for it... But I'm confident in the warez communities abilities so I'm sure there will be a crack.

I'm not a happy camper.
And I don't think it's all my fault. I'm cranky, I don't feel good, I feel pretty damned sad at the moment... but it's not all me.
So, if I've rubbed you the wrong way, confused you, or taken you aback today, I apologize.

Unless you're Rhett, Mike, Tim, Mister Questions, that ass on Subbes' journal, or the people on the debate forum.

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Back off, jerk-wad.
I should be shot for believing online personality tests.

fitting that someone who makes me feel this way should take the time to put up a test to tell me that I'm right in feeling that way.


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ZeeVert: so yeah .. I hate windows and it hates me
AzmatiQ: Let me get you some linux screen shots so you can FEEL THE LOVE