November 24th, 2001


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my computer is still jacked up.
the program is gone, though there are still some registry entries I need to get rid of.
But now, all my .jpegs are archive and will not open.

So much for teaching myself photoshop today.
I feel like I'm overusing Chad as a tech source.
Of course, I don't usually fuck my shit up this badly.

Maybe maybe maybe I'll be able to fix this. But , as usual.. the registry scares me.

I will never be a geek

(no subject)

DangerousPi: I'm waiting for someone to ask me if I know anything about the fire that happened.................I want to tell them "Yeah, someone lit a baby seal on fire. You know how full of fat those things are, so it just burned and burned. It screamed for quite a while."
ZeeVert: hehehe
ZeeVert: you're evil
DangerousPi: Yeah, but you laughed, so that makes you an accessory to evil.
ZeeVert: I'm evil's bitch
DangerousPi: You can't be.
DangerousPi: I have too many bitchs
DangerousPi: Isn't there a limit?
ZeeVert: I didn't mean that you are Evil... I meant you are evil
ZeeVert: the adjective, not the noun
ZeeVert: I am the noun's bitch
DangerousPi: Ah
DangerousPi: Okay
DangerousPi: Still.............there oughta be a law.

"Hunger hurts... and I want him so bad"

My skittishness has melted this week. I can still feel twinges here and there, but they're utterly ignorable.
I'm feeling good. Against all personal experience, I am feeling good about it all.
Because this is so different from all that personal experience. This is good and great and *excellent* and ... something I feel lucky for having. Very lucky.
If I was the sort of person who said shit like that, I'd say I was blessed. But, thankful that I don't say things like that... I just have to say again that I am incredibly lucky.
I wake up with a smile.
I go to bed with a smile.
I spend most of the day smiling.

You rock.
I love you.

uhmm... that's all

and he means it too

AzmatiQ: I worry about when things finally get figured out and I get to kick it with you again...
ZeeVert: why?
AzmatiQ: Ever seen a pit with a steak in its mouth?