November 25th, 2001


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"Gloria B Barnaby went to sleep in the arms of Jesus on November 4th with a smile on her face in the presence of family and friends."

dammit I love those euphemisms they use in obituaries.

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I was up until around 7 this morning. But my pictures work now. I'll probably play around with photoshop for awihle. I need to learn this stuff, dammit. Thus far the only norton utility I haven't run is disk doctor because it takes about 4 hours and I'll do that tonight when I'm done with things.
I feel like the anti-geek here lately.
I break things.

It's not too bad. The anger last night at realizing that I still didn't have the components of these programs out of the syste went away after awhile talking to Chad. The fucker just makes me happy. So I slept well .. and no more nightmares about crashing planes with people I know (Alex) piloting them. I didn't even wake up with that horrible, tortured crick in my back that's a compound of my horrible sleeping arangement (pull out bed) and trying to sleep around the cat.
Good stuff.

check the name of the site.... and then read...

And we wonder why our school systems continue to fail.
The Christians have nailed the real problems yet again

"Christian class books used to have little children reading stories with moral values and life helping information in them. Then the system switched to brainless Dick and Jane and from that to the current mass of nonsense and chaos books that fill our elementary schools. For example of a current title in elementary reading, I give you, "The Upside Down School". Rather than building values, such books are acclimating our children to nonsense so they can equate anything with anything, another example of Chaos instead of Ordered Systems, or Relative Values verses the Absolutes of Christianity on which this nation was built. Restore values for our children!!! "

Damn that dick and jane.

(here's another good one... but why is it all the home schooling sites I find are by christians who want to keep secular influences out of their children's lives?)