November 27th, 2001


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It's interesting stuff.

The Muslim Woman "Unveiled"

By Izdehar Albowyha

You look at me and call me oppressed,

Simply because of the way I'm dressed,

You know me not for what's inside,

You judge the clothing I wear with pride,

My body's not for your eyes to hold,

You must speak to my mind, not my feminine mold,

I'm an individual, I'm no man�s slave,

It's Allahs pleasure that I only crave,

I have a voice so I will be heard,

For in my heart I carry His word,

" O ye women, wrap close your cloak,

So you won't be bothered by ignorant folk",

Man doesn't tell me to dress this way,

It's a Law from God that I obey,

Oppressed is something I'm truly NOT,

For liberation is what I've got,

It was given to me many years ago,

With the right to prosper, the right to grow,

I can climb moutains or cross the seas,

Expand my mind in all degrees,

For God Himself gave us LIB-ER-TY,

When He sent Islam,

To You and Me!

December 2 to December 11

*Hornbeam Tree (The Good Taste): Of cool beauty, cares for its looks and conditions, good taste, tends to egoism, makes life as comfortable as possible, leads reasonable, disciplined life, looks for kindness, an emotional partner and acknowledgement, dreams of unusual lovers, is seldom happy with his/her feelings, mistrust for most people, is never sure of its decisions, very conscience.

And for Chad?
Chad you have your OWN day..
June 24th is left by itself.

*Birch Tree(The Inspiration): Vivacious, attractive, elegant, friendly, unpretentious, modest, does not like anything in excess, abhors the vulgar, loves life in nature and in calm, not very passionate, full of imagination, little ambition, creates a calm and content atmosphere.

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Just fuckin with ya on the baby name thing.

I was just seeing how many people would read it and flip out.

More than I expected.

Gorgeous Neruda

I'm not feeling guilty about the money spent on books anymore.
I *am* wondering how the hell I'm ever going to read this A+ book. I stare at the pages and it floats in... wanders around.. checks out the pad... says 'hello' to a few smaller ideas it's vaguely related to and hurries off back to the page.
Flash cards? Would flash cards work? Do I need a gaddamned visual aid?

But from Neruda....
(translated of course)

I Like For You To Be Still

I like for you to be still: it is as though you were absent,
and you hear me from far away and my voice does
not touch you.
It seems as though your eyes had flown away
and it seems that a kiss had sealed your mouth.

As all things are filled with my soul
you emerge from the things, filled with my soul.
You are like my soul, a butterfly of a dream,
and you are liked the word Melancholy.

I like for you to be still, and you seem far away.
It sounds as though you were lamenting, a butterly
cooing like a dove.
And you hear me from far away, and my voice does
not reach you:
Let me come to be still in your silence.

And let me talk to you in your silence
that is bright as a lamp, simple as a ring.
You are like the night, with its stillness and constellations.
Your silence is that of a star, as remote and candid.

I like for you to be still: it is as though you were absent,
distant and full of sorrow as though you had died.
One word then, one smile, is enough.
And I am happy, happy that it's not true.

It sounds better when it's being whispered in a throaty voice... but ... you get the idea. ..
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