November 30th, 2001



Frank: think of the money i owe ya as an investment

Frank: you got a LoVeR in Washington?

Frank: PMS?
Frank: i always catch yew ona bad day

Frank: yew were a hottie
Frank: you could have been my lady,girl

Frank: i would have capped his ass
Frank: friend or not
Frank: dont let them fuckers run yew out of Va
Frank: i'd fuckin kill em

Frank: taebo?

Frank: you jus got high standards
Frank: and a high nerve level

Frank: dont erase my name

Frank: dont know noone here
Frank: and they all seem better than me
Frank: thugs dont fit in here

Frank: i'll send ya a pic when i shave mah goat
Frank: and i got to take the weight down 60 pounds
(he said on the phone that 6'4", 230lbs just sounded *sexy*)

Frank: i smuggled 3 j's wit me
Frank: thats all i got
Frank: and no hook up

Frank: i fucked up and i have to live with that
Frank: made a goal to make it up to you
Frank: no B.S.

Frank: call it a fresh start

Frank: no people screamin jus me screamin at myself
Frank: i left everyone
Frank: there screamin but i cant hear em
Frank: you are the only person i regret leavin
Frank: thats why i'm talkin to you know

Frank: doesnt mean i dont care

Frank: hope i find a true love before i die

Frank: but hell
Frank: i didi this to myself
Frank: i can tell ya we got along way better back in the day,than i haVE gotten along with any of my Girlfriends

Frank: diferent isnt always bad

I miss his big silly ass. Sitting in the park smoking out of his SUPERBOWL made from the brass plumber's fittings.

4 great huggers in my life. Tom, Jason, Frank, and Chad.

everyone else has pretty much sucked.

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DangerousPi: That cyanide you slipped in to George Harrison's water supply did the trick.
DangerousPi: I'm impressed: I never thought you could get past the security.
DangerousPi: "Cancer", my ass. heh That had the mark of your work all over it.
ZeeVert: hehehe
DangerousPi: Holly Moore: International Pop Assassin.

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DangerousPi: Who will free us from the tyranny of PANTS (People Against Nudity and Teal Socks)?

Who indeed.

I'm distracted today. Very distracted.
My mom wants me to go this lil upscale folk art shop for a wine and cheese shopping event thing.

Very much not my thing.

My sister is late in showing up, as usual.
I'm amazed daily at the bullshit of other people (not my sister. I've gotten used to her bullshit)
I need to come up with some presents for people. I'll feel horrible if I don't get everyone *something*
I'm feeling like I'm missing something again.
Out of the loop.

out of cigarettes too

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I was getting crampy.

I took an 800 mg motrin
and two flexeril.

I didn't realize it was on 9:00pm

I'm going to crash out pretty early tonight... I can barely type as it is.

I just liked drugs.