December 18th, 2001


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can't dial in
can't dial in
can't dial in
can't dial in
no dial tone
no dial tone
no dial tone
can't dial in
I leave the room after I hit connect.
it connects just fine.

It's just shy.

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Okay... whiplash was asking me why the hell this guy billiam was able to get all these chicks to send him naked pictures.

Because he's not real. He's a parody. He's a wanna be Stile.
That's why he's getting Stile-like photos.

hehe ... Exhibit one

Exhibit two

Exhibit three:

hardcorebilliam: why is anal sex betta than regular sex?
UltraGirl 27: ew why?
hardcorebilliam: cuz it's warma, tighta and more degrading ta women!!!
hardcorebilliam: LOL!
UltraGirl 27: i didnt think that was funny at all... this is why i dont like you very much... i cant even belive you really think like that
hardcorebilliam: like wot?
hardcorebilliam: that was a JOKE!!!
hardcorebilliam: not for real
hardcorebilliam: I don't think it's degrading ta woman at all! They LOVE dat shit!
UltraGirl 27: uuugh. its just sad that you would actually even think to tell that joke... where i live everyone is so nice to each other...
hardcorebilliam: are u mad at billiam?
UltraGirl 27: im not mad... i dont get mad at anyone. i just think that the way you think is really... stupid
hardcorebilliam: hey now
hardcorebilliam: i neva call YOUnames!
UltraGirl 27: i just cant believe you are really like that... and think like that... im sorry, i dont mean to be mean, im just trying to be honest with you
hardcorebilliam: I love you
hardcorebilliam: i mean
hardcorebilliam: uh
hardcorebilliam: hi
UltraGirl 27: give me a break

Exhibit four

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"oh baby, i'll slide into u smother dan da disneyland monorail. real smooth, see.

then i'll drive u to da happiest place on earth, ya dig? i can be da buttpirate of yo carabean. i'll make u matterhorny. u will be all ova my mr. choad's wild ride, ya dig?

datz wot im talkin bout.


I LOVE DISNEYLAND!!!! i specially love da part on dat Peter Panz flite wen u go ova da city an thru da big skull's eye socket... OH!!! An i rememba dat on da jungle cruize, therez dis place rite outside dat sellz dis barbeque chicken on a stick... AWESOME!!!!!!


Wot da phuck waz i talkin bout?"

Fuck... I'm ashamed of myself for it.. hhahah.. but it's FUNNY DAMMIT

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My brother has loved this cat of his for a long time.
The cat was ancient and didn't really have a name.
They called her "Kitty"
it was old when his first wife marita introduced it to their home, and the cat stayed with him when they divorced. His daughter from that marriage is nearly 10 years old.
The cat had a tumor.
There was the possibility of surgery, but he works a full time job *and* a part time job and his current wife works full time, and they still barely scrape by, considering all their combined debt.
He's been coming home from work at lunch for the past 4 weeks to rehydrate her.
She died yesterday afternoon.
He was so in love with this cat.

merry christmas.