January 1st, 2002


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sooo.. I'm a lil toasty.
Champagne always does that to me... sucks ya know.
I spent the night on the phone with Chad and I'll be calling back in just a bit so we can spend a lil time in the same year before I pass out ::grin::
It's been years since I've had a kiss on new years.
But that's okay.
Becuase this year, being told how much I'm loved is better.
Becuase I know how very very true it is.

and because I love him to.
Very very much.

and I know that next year, I'll be able to tackle, hug, and hold him.

it's sufficient.

I'm a happy lil freak tonight.

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weighted tires with handles that are pushed down an overly waxed lane toward a target with two guys frantically sweeping in front of it.

It's a mind numbing thing to see.

It's like watching Naked Lunch when you're tripping hard.

It's like ... watching my mother freestyle.

It makes me wonder why we do these things.
and why I keep seeing them.
And why we have whole channels and associations dedicated to them.

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I really wish my mother would quit hovering.
Trying to look at rotten.com...
trying to write.
And with her, hovering over my shoulder with that disgusting smelling olive spread...
My stomach is queasy for a lot of reasons... and that just gives it one more.
I wanted to speed through rotten... but this is gonna take all fucking day at the rate I'm going now.
I'm feeling very "leave me the fuck alone.. find a hobby... one that has nothing to do with me..."
But I don't really mean it.
Or the ability to be honest about what I'm doing and looking at without having to explain to the eyes who wouldn't appreciate seeing.

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If you live in the timberlake area of va beach ...


and I don't like Train.. they're just annoying.
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