January 11th, 2002


Using my journal like a journal finally

We're coming up with these lists for each other.
Either movies we've not seen in a long time or never seen. Some of these are voluntary, some of these are added by the other.
Even on Golden Pond.
And I'm going to keep coming back and adding to this list and marking through the ones we've seen.

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(no subject)

First time he's ever tried to draw someone...

I'm impressed and I'm sort of twitterpatted too ::grin::

It's my icon.
I love it so much.
though he made me cuter than I actually am.
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(no subject)

angry. frustrated at everything. woke up with my head aching.
random little pains in my body.
Everything ... just..... makes me ....get a little angrier.

Trying to organize a folder.
it wouldn't allow me to drop things where I was trying to drop them.
Not my fault... explorer's.
This is Know.
close, reload, close, reload... massive annoyance building... still doesn't work...
I punch at the desk with the side of my hand like a gavel.
Hard twice.
Quick smacks.
the second time I actually hurt myself ... enough to flip my hand around , look at it and say "oooooowwwww" almost instantaneously.
the lil silverbar chain I were around my wrist... happened to be in the way when my hand came down and I now have a lil b-b shaped, bleeding hold in the far edge of the heel of my hand. Right on that spot that gets raw and red when I do too much mouse work without a break or wrist pad.
Hurts like a motherfucker and so does my head... coffee.
I need some coffee... get through my mail ... and concentrate on cookies.

cookies will save me.