January 15th, 2002


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Mint Soap in my eyes.

Becuase the water heater can't manage to keep enough hot water on hand for one 10 minute shower.
I don't use a lot of water.
And I'm quick (quick like bunny) ... so ... I'm getting just a tad annoyed at having to sit around with conditioner in my hair and soap on my skin (lady on tv just said "A kind ear to listen to") until I get even a modicum of luke warm water (about 10-15 minutes.

At least I know I'm patient.
I only cry in frustration every now and again (this morning) and I ususally refrain from walking to the top of the steps in my towel and calling the water heater all sorts of names and snivelling out a "why the FUCK CAN'T I just take a GADDAMN SHOWER?!" (like I did this morning)

I'm popping popcorn.
it's a much more effective packing agent than those polystyrene peanuts.
It's what the ladies used to pack the cookie boxes with when sending packages off to the men on the ships. ::nods::

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only 23% of the people in the telephone poll on the local station agree with the President's decision to NOT seek the death penality for the American man, John Walker, who fought with the Taliban.
He's been charged with conspiring to kill Americans and If he's found guilty, he recieve life in prison.

So, do you think this is the wrong thing to do, or do you also agree with the president in witholding the death penalty as a possible sentence?