January 16th, 2002


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Tim stopped by this evening to let me know that he read my journal entry that mentioned him, and that he doesn't give a damn about me.
Then he stood on my front step and talked about his dramatic problems for about an hour while I stood cross armed and stared at him. He got a little hysterical when I didn't immediately fall into cooing and patting and tell him it was all fixable. I just stared at him.
I'm sure he thought it was calculated... but that's honestly all I could do; Just stare.
Because I've nothing to say to something like that. He showed up because he read something on my journal that mentioned him. And the first words out of his mouth are that he doesn't give a damn about me or about what I think.
Obviously not so.
Then he says that *I* abandoned him.
That I just wasn't there for him and let him down and so forth and so on.
So my feelings about him being mentally immature and incapable of seeing past the end of his own nose were pretty spot on.
It just never occured to him that I'd stopped talking to him and let out a rant because I was feeling used.
And it never occured to him how he could have possibly fixed that.

Instead he showed up just after that old rant to tell me I was worthless and a drain and a shitty friend to begin with. All bullshit. Just more and more bullshit from the Timster.
I'm not saying anything astonishing here. He knows full well that he's a bluffer.

Read a post from The God of Erudition and, as usual, I'm suddenly feeling like I probably don't write as well in this space as I should... as well as I can.
And I'm also feeling like ... well... that's just *him*... ya know?

I'm very sleepy.
But I'm going to call back my sweets anyway.

I want to banish the damned cookies from my house.
Hopefully that gets accomplished tomorrow.
I need to send off money orders too. So hopefully the cameras will be here, and loaded with film (well, the 35mm anyway) within 2 weeks.
Very very excited about that.

I find it.... disturbing ... that the WHOLE of the G-F list (except Mary and Chuck) now have LJs.

Just no G: tML communities, alright guys?

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Never realized we had so many lynch mob capable people left in this section of the world.

I don't know why it suprises me.
I know the effects of propaganda
I know the effects of the music and the imagery.
I know WHY the scent of blood makes everyone want more.

It still shocks me to see otherwise well reasoned people playing the "GIT A ROPE!" mentality.
Anytime I hear anyone ... and I do mean ANYONE say "he deserves to die" (or a derivative thereof) I have to wonder just how convinced of your own righteousness you have to be for things like that to make... sense.... to you.


makes me a lil sad, more than anything