January 25th, 2002


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FUCK but LJ is annoying me today.

I love the 'to read about the cause of unplanned outages, add the lj_maintenance journal as a friend.' thing on one of their error pages.

That doesn't help much if *nothing* on LJ is loading, does it?

(no subject)

I finally got my W-2
I telefiled
$889 from federal
$239 from state.
partly because I only made $7,000 and partly because part of the state was deferred because I qualify for low income deferment.

$1,100 is going to be *so* *good*
I'll be able to afford that phone bill (which I'll pay before the checks get here, of course... but still) and phone cards to avoid another nasty phone bill and ... wow...
moving money.
I'll have moving money.

I'm happier than I already was.