February 5th, 2002


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Torah Codes

Perl for Crypt::Solitaire

Solitaire CGI

An actual "how to" regarding Solitaire in it's intended pencil and paper format

Also.. just check out Counterpane.com.
It's very very cool... has links to all sorts of Crypto papers and Analyses and gives you the algorithms to not just Solitaire, but also Blowfish, Twofish, and Yarrow PRNG.

Apparently, they updated Hampster Dance and they NAMED the hampsters...

A *decent* compilation of "The State" scripts

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The Pets.com's sock-spokespuppet has appeared in an ad for Super Bowl XXXIV and as a 36-foot balloon in last year's Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade. It has also performed in 10 Pets.com television commercials since the launch of the ad campaign in August 1999.

Triumph the Insult Comic Dog is a frequent guest on NBC's Conan O'Brien show, where it chats cheerfully with guests, then turns surly and delivers his catch phrase "... for me to poop on."

In the 15-page lawsuit filed in federal court, Pets.com says Triumph is a "rip-off" of its Sock Puppet mascot.

The company also claims that Triumph attempts "to harm the sock puppet's audience appeal" and that an "undesirable, unwholesome, and unsavory mental association" in the minds of consumers has been created between its perky puppet and Smigel's cranky comic pooch.

Pets.com also contends that Smigel has stated in a letter to the company that its sock puppet is actually based on Triumph and has threatened Pets.com with a lawsuit of his own for trademark infringement.

Neither Smigel nor Pets.com was immediately available for comment.


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"this piece of equipment I dont really know anything about is supposed to work this way"

~"no, this piece of equipment that I actually use on a daily basis and trouble shoot all the time doesn't work like that."

"yes, it works this way but this is broken so I'm going to shake it and then try to bend pieces of the metal"

~"no, it doesn't, it never has, it isn't supposed to... don't break it please..."

"I'm now thoroughly pissed off that this isn't working the way I think it should and I'm even more pissed off at you for having told me I was wrong. I will now pout and then throw this and then stomp into the other room and give you evil looks whenever you walk past and generally be a shit the rest of the night."

And that's how my printer's paper tray died.

but I fixed it.