February 20th, 2002


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When I get out to Washington, Chad is going to have to be prepared to start carrying around a hell of a lot more weight, considering I'll be permanently attached to him in wrap around hug position.

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Geeks have too much time on their hands and just... entirely too much in the way of resources when they go to harvard.

I'm either in a really good mood and lacking the proper stimuli or I'm really really grumpy and it's going to be one small thing that sets me off.
Can't really tell which it is.

I will go through more A+ shit and then go back and read the book. Because, quite frankly, there's a *hell* of a lot more info in the book. But I'll go through the lecture series, take the lil test and use it as a guide for what it is I still don't know or understand.
I'd love to get this lil cert before going to out to WA. It will help me with nothing. It will provide me with nothing. It is a stepping stone to ... nothing.
But I still want to take it.
ANd then Network+
and THEN I can think about moving on to the actually more useful ones.

But then again, I might just become an art dork too ::shrug::
at this point in time, I have no idea.
I just know that I want to know things.

I'm STILL on the mailing list for Diest Requiem... Why why why? I have mailed them several times to say TAKE ME OFF... but they don't listen. Kyser is such a shithead.

I'm a little in love with the Aphex Twin.
Makes me want to go find all the good electronica I've ever heard.

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ICQ Won't log on.
so I dunno if Chad's around.

I just realized I'm not Vert here.
But since I've been Vert since high school.... I'm Vert *everywhere* ...

and I don't mean green.

but I suppose I could be.

if I wasn't.