February 21st, 2002


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Chad's on his way up to seattle to swing past Matt's and pick up some fuzzy green sweaters before the 4-5 hour trek out to Wenatchee.
He has to go over the mountains, through a pass... that's so freakin weird to me...
I live in the flat lands. Mountain and Hilly areas just *feel* different.
I've existed my whole life at sea level.

Anyway... he'll be going out there, staying at Josh's overnight, going to his interview tomorrow (they're actually going to do that... break something and make him fix it thing). stay there tomorrow night and leave sometime in the morning-ish saturday and head back home.
His car runs like crap, there's no heater, and most of the inside is stripped in one way or another.
And there's no radio.
He's going to be one very bored, very cold Chad by the time he gets out to Wenatchee. He's doing this for him... but he's doing it for me too... and even though it's a lot less than he's used to making... I hope he really gets this one.

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I want to be a Trendy Fuck - a poem by deep_thinking

I want to be a trendy fuck
I want to be a trendy fuck,
I want care about what I wear,
I want to act fake on a date so people get to know the real me,
I want to have friends I know are there for what really counts, my sense of style,
I want to be the in crowd, To have clothes made by those nice little asian kids,
To have hair that defies gravity,
To have people like me because of how I look and act,
To have people there for me whenever I'm cool,
To have nothing to worry about outside my popularity,
To have none of those life complicating morals,
To stand up for what is hip,
To stand fellow trendy fucks,
To stand against unfortunately losers,
To stand for what is cute,
To stand for nothing at all,
I want an equally shallow date,
I want no life outside the pop life,
I want to scorn those who work for minimum wage,
I want to laugh at those who make serve me for a living,
I want to be a trendy fuck.
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So... I was in the tub.
I realized I needed to blow my nose (I've caught a cold from the germs someone else went out and got, considering I haven't really been out of the house much this week) and leaned over to grab a tissue and heard this clinking noise.
I blew my nose. Reached over to throw it in the trash... And I again.. this clinking noise.
I looked all over the place for whatever the hell it was that was smacking the tub or falling or flapping in place. I thought it was maybe my ring, but I hadn't put my hand on the tub. My foot and knee don't make that kind of noise (contrary to popular belief I don't actually have any prosthetic metal bits) and I suspected it was the metal shower curtain rings.... but unless there was a phantom breeze... those shouldn't have been moving.
So I repeated the leaning over motion a few times....
I didn't think it would be possible to *forget* that I have hunks of metal shoved through my nipples... but apparently I can.
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I got cajoled into it.
I gave it another shot.
I TRIED to like it...

But the sad, simple truth of things is that Turkey Burgers are just gross.


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Okay.. so the guy himself is pretty god awfully dorkish... (exclusive use of anime for your icons is always a bad bad sign)

But the mood icons...
And I want them.

I wouldn't use them, I think.
I just want them.
I want lil tiny animated GIRs all over the place.

in my room.
eating carpet fluff and curling up in sleepy lil bundles on my stuffed animals...

Kind of like pixies or gnomes... but GIR!

I ..

I don't know if I need more coffee or a nap. Think I'll have more coffee.

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I'm posting comments on the journals of the friends of friends of people on my friends list.

But they're chad's friends of friends... so that makes it alright, yes no?
I'm the annoying girlfriend. :::nods::
Besides.. someone from seattle420 popped over in the first *day* Chad had it listed and decided to drop some edumacation on me.

This may be totally off topic.
It may make perfect sense...

Wes is a fuckhead.